“The Ultimate Male Specimen” David Priapus

“The Ultimate Male Specimen”

David Priapus


“The Most Perfectly Developed Man In The World”

Which is the most prestigious bodybuilding title you can get.

NICKNAME: The Ultimate Male Specimen
NAME ORIGIN: David Priapus
BIRTHPLACE:Little Italy, Manhattan, New York, United States
RESIDENCE:SLAUGHTERSPORT Center, Venice, California, United States
HEIGHT: 6’3″  (190.5 cm) 
WEIGHT: 247 lbs (112 kg) always shredded
AGE: 25
REACH: 78″ (198 cm)
STANCE: Orthodox

BODY FAT: 4-5%

ARMS: 21″
CHEST: 52″
WAIST: 28″ 
FISTS: 14″
WRISTS: 8.5″

FIGHTING STYLE: Greco-Roman Wrestling


OCCUPATION: Personal Trainer at a SLAUGHTERSPORT Center (Venice, California, USA), Pro Bodybuilder

CATEGORY: Chimically assisted & Raw

HERITAGE:Italian American

STACK: Trenbolone, testosterone, EPO,


  • Openly gay.
  • He started lifting weights at 10 or 12 to supplement all the sports and activities he was doing.
  • Competed in football, wrestling, and track and field in high school.
  • Entered college on a wrestling scholarship.
  • Worked as a model, a personal trainer, a bouncer, 
  • Humiliates enemies at every opportunity with his special taunt.
  • Was mentioned on-air as having “the biggest bulge in the business” by UST commentator Frank Page.
  • Insured his penis for $1 Million.


  • Spiking. Slams and suplexes his enemy’s head first on the concrete. 
  • Bearhug.
  • Assaults in the trunk region.

GEAR: Baby-oiled deep tan muscles and a neon pink G-string.

MUSICAL THEME: “Ravishing” Rick Rude

Créé le Mardi 12 décembre 2017

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