Taz vs. Paul Varelans

ECW champion TAZ  vs.  UFC fighter PAUL VARELANS

Taz vs. Paul Varelans  7:56

Taz, 5’9″, 248 lbs  vs.  Paul Varelans, 6’8″, 320 lbs

Watch as Taz, the Human Suplex Machine of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), from the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, takes on “The Polar Bear” Paul Varelans, an Alaskan mixed martial arts fighter famous for his appearances in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) from 1995 to 1996, on June 22, 1996 at ECW’s Hardcore Heaven event in this infamous shoot-fight matchup that helped fuel the popularity of ECW.

As you can see it was obviously a fake fight that Paul Varelans accepted to lose since Missy Hyatt promise him a blowjob.  The giant Varelans tore down the locker room after the match when Missy Hyatt told him that she didn’t blow jobber.

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