Shawn Michaels new look

Shawn Michaels new look

Is it what the icon, the main-eventer, the show stopper should look like?

Wearing exactly the same shit on WrestleMania 29 and six weeks later on Bret Hart Appreciation Day May 27, Raw edition.

With his big oversized snowmobile boot, blue jeans, a black wifebeater with a fuckin’ moose head on the back, and a camouflage hat to hide too many bald spots.  Shawn Michaels looks like a welfare white trash redneck.


What a sharp dressed man Shawn Michaels is. Looking like a piece of crap, especially for the Wrestlemania night, the biggest event in sport entertainment. And wearing the same smelly shit 6 weeks later on his next WWE apparition.

One of my smark friend says that by draping himself with shitty clothes, Shawn Michaels is just doing a statement that he won’t wrestle anymore. Poor millionaire Shawn turning his back to wrestling?! What a fuckin’ joke!!! Shawn Michaels is more like a nugget that you just can’t flush!! The WWE will never get rid of him no matter what shitty smelly clothes he choose to wear.

By the way, what does his hot wife think about her husband looking like a duck hunter year long? 

No more sexy boy!


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