Jerry Lawler Retrospective

I remember seeing this as a child on the old ESPN AWA weekly wrestling show . I was so impressed that I’ve never forget it.
Who was this superman who singlehandly knocked out the best wrestlers of the era? Maybe it was the Rocky soundtrack? Even today, three decades later, this video is still awesome.
Jerry “The King” Lawler was the only man in wrestling history to hold 2 world titles simultaneously. Joining the 2 belts, he became the Unified World Heavyweight Champion. He was a true living legend.
It must be so exhilarating for Lawler to be such a hero.

And yes, Jerry Lawler was making big money at the time. Probably even more than he’s doing today, 30 years later, with WWE Universe. Imagine that kind of money in 1980’s dollar!  Lawler was for sure a rich man. At the moment, he was driving a Rolls Royce.
The one and only King, the one and only World Champ
Jerry “The King” Lawler
Yes, Lawler was that big in the 80’s.
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