Aliases: Norm of Sparta, Norm de Sparta, Norm di Sparta, Norman di Sparta, Norma di Sparta
Birthplace:Sparta, Greece
Residence:ItalyRome, Italy
Nationality: Greek
Height: 7’8″ (2,37 m) barefoot
Weight: 375 lbs
Billed Height: 8’6″ (2,60 m)
Billed Weight: 448 pounds 
Shoe size: 21
Hand Length: 11″ (from middle finger tip to his wrist) 
Wingspan: 102″ (8’6″/2,59m)
Years of Training: 36 (Began at the age of 7)
Years of Fighting Experience: 28 (Since the age of 15)
Age: 43

Trainer/Philosopher: Hypolite
Entrance Music: Chris Masters – The Masterpiece

Dubious claims: 28 years undefeated… “never put a knee on the ground”.
Fighting Record: 1415-0 (claimed)

Style: Pankration / Wrestling / Boxing

Home Field: Colosseum, Rome, Italy (50,000-80,000 spectators)
Circus Maximus, Rome, Italy (over 250,000 spectators)

Daily Workout:
Everyday he did 4,000 one and two legged squats, which included 700
jumping squats. His workout also consisted of 2,000 pushups (Indian
style). He ran five miles plus per day and he grappled for another fours
hour every day.

Diet: High-energy, hyper-protein diet combining a gargantuan amount of meat with barley, boiled beans, oatmeal, ash (believed to help fortify the body), dried fruit, bread and wine. Three meals a day.

Bonus: Regular massage and high quality medical care helped mitigate an otherwise very severe training regimen.

Fighting Strategy: First, took away his opponent’s ability to kick and move by kicking his legs.
Second, pounce on his opponent with punches and elbow strikes.
Third, once his opponent is beaten to the ground he kicks him into the groin.
Fourth, follows up with submission wrestling techniques.

+ Bull Hammer. Punch between the eyes
+ Strangle

Signature Moves:
+ Elbow Drop. On top of the head in a standing position.
+ Gorilla Press
+ Delayed suplex
+ Sitdown Splash

+ Gigantic height and reach. So tall that he is inherently harder to reach with punches and high kicks and can hide himself behind the fortress of a powerful and devastating jab and become virtually unbeatable. He also possess a good uppercut for those who come too close.
+ Trained only to kill. He always goes for the kill.
+ Won’t tap out. Prefers a broken limbs or death than tapping out. 
+ Superhuman strength.
+ Excessive sweating. Which make him really slippery and impossible to get a firm hold on.
+ Enormous intimidation factor. Fearsome size, look, and reputation.

Height. Can make him more susceptible to takedowns, armbars and leglocks.
His claim of “never put a knee on the ground” seems improbable since his ultra-long legs made him an easy target for double leg takedowns.

To his demand, Norman di Sparta was filmed while passing steroids and drug tests (blood and piss), lie detector by a tierce partie. He even did it two more time on wide-audience live TV at a morning show and a late night show. All of his tests were negatives, he is 100% drug-free. He challenges everybody that he is available anytime for random drug tests. 

Clean and dedicated lifestyle. A natural non-acromegalian giant.

Milo of Croton, Arrhichion, DioxippusPolydamas of Skotoussa and Theagenes
greek Theagenes of Thrasos   he knocked out 2,102 and he killed 1,800 men.
Judo Gene LeBell
Great Gama
Maximinus almost nine feet tall.  300 pounds with one arm from the ground to an overhand position. He was in any case a man of such frightening appearance and colossal size that there is no obvious comparison to be drawn with any of the best-trained Greek athletes or warrior elite of the barbarians
excessive sweating and superhuman strength
a prominent brow, nose, and jaw                 acromegaly

Pankratiasts would compete naked in a wrestling-pit, and covered themselves in
oil. The referee would use a rod to enforce the rules. There were no rounds or
time limits, and the fight only ended once somebody gave up or was rendered
unconscious (or dead). Fighters would signal defeat by raising their arm or
tapping out.

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