Mike Brault Most Hockey Fights World Record

Mike Brault is the hockey player with the Most Fight 
614 Fights

“Iron” Mike Brault
Left Wing         Shoots Left
Born Mar 13, 1969 Age 45
Ste-Catherine, QUE, Canada

Height 6’0” (183 cm)
Weight 200-220 (91-100 kg)

Seasons Played: (17) 1996-2013 (age 27 to 43) 

Total 614 Fights (1.021 per
Career 161-53-111 / Win 57% / Fun 4.5
unfair fights

Leagues (number of seasons played): LNAH (15), LCH (5), LHSPAA (2), LHBBF (1), WPHL (1), LHSAM (1).

“Iron” Mike Brault compilation tribute video

Ode to a real Warrior, to a real Gladiator! 
Mike Brault is a real Strength Fighter.


Mike Brault in 2014 still making a living with his fists.
Working as a doorman / bouncer.
Whoever you are, this guy can kick your ass!


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