IFBB Pros Bodybuilders in Pro Wrestling

Seeing the muscle behemoths in Pro Wrestling it is not hard to realize that Pro Wrestling and Bodybuilding will forever be linked together. But the list of legitimate IFBB Pro Bodybuilders who also wrestled is surprisingly a very short one.

Achim Albrecht known as Brakkus
Born July 2, 1962
IFBB Mr. Universe 1990
5’11”, 277 to 300 pounds
Pro wrestling career: 1996-1999
He is in the long list of pro wrestling failed musclemen.
Ian Harrison 
Born January 3, 1969
5’10”, 258 pounds
IFBB British Champion at 20
XWF Heavyweight Wrestling Champion (2002)
Pro Bodybuilding career: 1989-1998
Pro Wrestling debut: 1999-2003

Jon Andersen aka John Strongman
 Born January 8, 1972
6′, 300 pounds, 8% body fat

 2003 North Americas Strongest Man (1st)

2014 NPC Bodybuilding Heavyweight Champion
IFBB Pro since July 2014
Strongman career: 2002-2007
Pro Wrestling since 2003
Pro Strongman to Pro Wrestler to Pro Bodybuilder 

(All lifts done raw with only a weight belt) 
Bench Press: 565×3 
Close-Grip Bench Press: 545 
Push Press: 365×6, 275×20 
Squat: 775×3, 500×25, 405×37 
Deadlift: 700×4, 500×21 
Power Cleans: 200×20
Box Jump: 50″ 
Vertical Jump: 35″

Roy Callendar

Born August 24, 1940
Barbadian Canadian IFBB Hall of Famer
5’8″, 220 pounds

During his Pro Wrestling career (1974-1976)
he was promoted as “Mr. Universe”
Pro-debut IFBB Mr. International, 1977
Best win Mr. Olympia, 3rd, 1978


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