Hulk Hogan Richard Belzer incident

Hulk Hogan Richard Belzer incident

That what happen when you mess with the big boy. 

Richard Belzer, a 98-pound pencil-neck geek, antagonized Hulk Hogan and Mr. T for the entire show.  Then, the idiot begged Hogan to caught him in a wrestling move??? 

Hulk Hogan choking out Richard Belzer

Faking unconsciousness and falling flat on your back for $5 million is surely a good deal!

This faggot got up like if nothing ever happened.  But nonetheless, the poor asshole screwed Hulk Hogan and the WWF out of a $5 Million settlement???  Fuckin’ ridiculous!!!

Even worse, the asshole tried to make us cry because of a few ‘stitches’ behind his fuckin’ head!!!

Richard Belzer $5 million settlement for a couple drop of blood!?!
Hogan, choke me out please!

For this price, Hogan should have choked this asshole to death!!


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