Gore Cluj / Gore Din Cluj

Gore Cluj / Gore Din Cluj
Gore De La Cluj, another synthol freak, but much more. The Ken Shamrock look alike Gore Cluj seems to be a political or popular figure somewhere. I can’t tell you since all informations about him are in foreign languages. As seen in the last video of this post, he was arrested by the interpole by several masked and armed policemen. If somebody know what it’s all about. Tell me in the comments. Your feedback is always appreciate.


Ouups! The big man was arrested by interpol

GORE De La Cluj facebook



  1. Anonyme

    LOL. This motherfucker (GORE) is a GIPSY from Romania (Europe), born Marius Florin David, age around 42 years old. In the picture number 7, is him together with his son (Sami David – same problem… police problems… injustice…). "Gore de la Cluj" is meaning in Romanian language "Gore from Cluj", Cluj* meaning Cluj-Napoca, a city in Romania (where is he from). So, let`s speak about Gore… This motherfucker raped more than 20 girls. All the people in Cluj-Napoca city know him and they are afraid of him. This guy, Gore, got some serious PROBLEMS WITH THE MIND! He is not a political or popular figure. No way! Is just a GIPSY without a job. Or maybe JAIL is his job… In the video up on me, he was arrested because he goes inside a hospital and stabbed a stretcher-bearer twice with a knife, WITHOUT REASON! In the past Gore cut a man with a ninja sword. He believes that he is the reincarnation of several famous criminals… so… he got some got some serious PROBLEMS WITH THE MIND!!! 🙂 Fuck him! And yea, his arms are full of synthol… I hope that my information helped you. All of the best! …greetings from Romania (Bucharest)! 🙂

  2. PYGOD

    This Ken Shamrock doppelganger doesn't seem that popular and too well-liked. lol

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