“China Hunk” Zhang Li – Chinese UST Combatant

“China Hunk” Zhang Li – Chinese UST Combatant

“China Hunk” Zhang Li

NICKNAME: China Hunk
BIRTHPLACE:Tianjin, China
RESIDENCE:Tianjin, China
HEIGHT: 5’2″ (157 cm)
WEIGHT: 185 lbs (84 kg)
AGE: 24

STANCE: Orthodox

FIGHTING STYLE: Sanda, Chen Tai Chi, White Crane Kung Fu, SLAUGHTERSPORT


CATEGORY: Chemically assisted & Raw

His two favorite activities are Tai Chi and calisthenics.


  • Age 4. Started Tai Chi training.
  • Age 6. Begun training in gymnastics. An Olympic scout recruited him for his short legs, long torso, and diminutive size. But was eventually considered too bulky to perform on an international level.
  • Age 10. Started White Crane Kung Fu training.
  • Age 15. Started competing in Sanda at only 15 years old and about 130 pounds.
  • Age 19. Bulked to an athletic 145 pounds naturally.
  • Age 20. Began taking steroids. Months later his fighting weight was a trim 170 pounds.
  • Age 22. Retired from Sanda with a 50/50 record as he suffered a shoulder injury while training.
  • Age 23. Joined a SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School where the SLAUGHTERSPORT Laboratory officials hand-picked him as a potential Chinese UST representant Combatant. Then he was paid a stipend to train full-time, adhered to a strict diet and doping protocol, and was assigned an English tutor.

CRITICS: Derided by some mainstream medias and prominent ISC members mostly due to his lack of height. 
Berated as the “Chinese Manlet”; “Sanshou jobber”; “too big for gymnastics, too small for sanda”; etc… 
These critics are certain that he will be a failure and nothing more than a human punching bag. 
Will see.

Créé le Vendredi 8 décembre 2017

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