Championship Wrestling video game

Championship Wrestling is a 1986 video game that I used to play when I was a child.

The 8 wrestlers of the game are the most frequent wrestling stereotype characters used in the 80s. Every 80s video games and wrestling promotions needed at least one of each type.

K.C. Colossus is an Hulk Hogan clone
Berserker (my favorite) is a Road Warriors doppleganger.
Purple Haze is the black man of the game.
Colonel Rooski is the Russian version of Col. DeBeers.

is the effeminate heel Adrian Adonis
Zeke Weasel is the Hillbilly Jim of the game.
Zantoklaw is the masked man of the game.
Howling Manslayer is the much needed Native American.

Since the masked man (255lbs) and the Native American (265lbs) were the two lightest character of the game. We thought they were jobbers.

All classic wrestling characters of the 80s. But.. one minute. They forgot to include the classic Japanese martial artist who spit green mist ala Great Muta. Flush the gay man character Prince Vicious and replace it by a Great Muta clone.

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