Antonio Inoki MMA World Martial Arts Championship


BORN: February 20, 1943
HEIGHT: 6’3″
WEIGHT: 224 lbs
STYLE: Catch wrestling, karate
PRO DEBUT: September 30, 1960 (age 17)
TRAINERS: Rikidozan, Karl Gotch
OCCUPATION: Promoter extraordinaire & pro wrestling legend

From February 6, 1976 to May 25, 1989 – From the age of 33 to 46

Antonio Inoki “MMA record”

16 wins (9 KO, 5 submissions, 2 pins), 1 loss (1 KO), 3

MMA record

Result Opponent Method Date Round Time Location Notes
Win Shota Chochishvili Submission (kimura) 1989-05-25 2 1:07 Osaka, Japan Won WWF World Martial Arts title.
Loss Shota Chochishvili KO 1989-04-24 5 1:20 Tokyo, Japan Lost WWF World Martial Arts title.
Win Leon Spinks Pin 1986-10-09 8 1:23 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan Retained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Win United States flag Anoalo Atisanoe Pin 1984-09-20 5 0:25 Japan flag Osaka, Japan Retained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Draw United States flag Willie Williams Draw (both fell out of the ring) 1980-02-27 4 1:24 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan Retained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Win Kim Klokeid KO 1979-12-13 3 0:58 Japan flag Kyoto, Japan Retained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Win Netherlands flag Willem Ruska Submission (bow and arrow) 1979-10-05 15:06 South Korea flag South Korea Retained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Draw Jhara Pelwan Draw 1979-06-16 5 Lahore, Pakistan Retained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Win United States flag Mike Dayton TKO 1979-04-03 6 1:19 Japan flag Fukuoka, Japan Retained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Win Mr. X Submission (arm scissors) 1979-02-06 3 0:50 Japan flag Osaka, Japan Retained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Win Germany flag Karl Mildenberger Submission (boston crab) 1978-11-09 4 1:15 Germany flag Frankfurt, Germany Awarded by Vince McMahon Sr. WWF World Martial Arts title
on 1978-12-18.
Win United States flag Everett Eddie KO 1978-06-07 7 1:58 Japan flag Fukuoka, Japan
Win United States flag Johnny Lee KO 1978-04-04 3 1:19 United States flag Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Win United States flag Chuck Wepner Submission (boston crab) 1977-10-25 6 1:35 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
Win United States flag  Everett Eddie KO (leg drop) 1977-08-08 5 1:38 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
Win Akram Pahalwan TKO (kimura, broken arm) 1976-12-12 3 1:05 Karachi, Pakistan
Win Netherlands flag Willem Ruska TKO 1976-12-09 21:27 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
Win France flag André the Giant TKO (head to ring corner post) 1976-10-07 23:44 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
Draw United States flag Muhammad Ali Draw (time limit) 1976-06-26 15 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
Win Netherlands flag Willem Ruska TKO (back suplexes) 1976-02-06 20:56 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan

World Martial Arts
Heavyweight Championship

The 16 opponents fighting for the title of “World’s Top Martial Artist”:
Judokas: Willem Ruska (3 times), Shota Chochishvili (2 times)
Pro Boxers: Muhammad Ali, Chuck Wepner, Karl Mildenberger, Leon Spinks
Pro Wrestlers: Andre the Giant
Pakistani Wrestlers: Akram Pahalwan, Jhara Pahalwan
Karatekas: Everett Eddie (2 times), Willie Williams, Johnny Lee, Mr. X, Kim Klokeid
Kung Fu: Mike Dayton
Sumo: Anoalo Atisanoe
Willem Ruska, (born 29 August 1940), Amsterdam, Netherlands, 6’2″, 207 lbs, 
was 35 at the first fight and 39 at the last. 
Won two Judo Olympics Gold Medals in 1972 (Heavyweight and Open categories). 
Retired after the Olympic Games. 
Was involved in pro wrestling and shoot wrestling from 1976 to 1980. Had 14 pro wrestling matches during this period.

Shota Chochishvili, (July 10, 1950 – August 27, 2009), Georgia, Russia, 6’2.5″, 243 lbs,
Olympic Judo Gold Medalist (half-heavyweight) in 1972 at age 22.
Won Olympic Judo Bronze medal (Open) in 1976
He was 38 years at the moment of his two consecutive fights vs Inoki.

Everett “Monster Man” Eddie, (born 1946 or 1947), Detroit, Michigan, USA, 6’0″, 235 lbs, 
At the time of his two fights with Inoki was between 30 and 32 years old.
Willie “The Bear Killer” Williams, (born July 14, 1951), North Carolina, USA, 6’7″, 231 lbs,
Kyokushin Karate
2nd World Open Karate Tournament 1979 (IKO) – 3rd Place
Was 29 in his 1980 fight vs Inoki.
Muhammad Ali, (born January 17, 1942), Louisville, Kentucky, USA, 6’3″, 220 lbs,
Was 34 at the time of the fight.
Boxing record: 53-2 (at the time of the fight)
WBC/WBA Heavyweight Champion Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion
Light Heavyweight Boxing Gold medal at the 1960 Olympic Games at 18 years old.
Amateur record: 100-5
Became World Champion for the first time at age 22.
Chuck Wepner, (born February 26, 1939), Bayonne, New Jersey, USA, 6’5″,
Was 38 years old at the time of the Inoki fight.
Boxed in the Marines
Started his pro career in 1964
Had a 33-13-2 pro boxing record at the time
Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion George Foreman was the designated opponent but was unable to fight due to contract problem.
Karl Mildenberger, (born 23 November 1937), Germany, 6’1.5″,
Former European Boxing Champion
Was 41 years old in his 1978 Inoki fight and retired 10 years ago.
Pro Boxing record: 53-6-3 (19KO)
Southpaw and started his pro career at 20.
Leon Spinks, (born July 11, 1953), St.Louis, Missouri, USA, 6’1″, 76″ reach,
Was 33 years old in 1986 at the time of the fight.
With a pro boxing record of 17-6-2
Defeated Muhammad Ali to became the Undisputed Boxing Champion in February 15, 1978.  It was his 8th pro fight.  Lost it seven months later to Ali.
Light Heavyweight Boxing Gold medalist at the 1976 Olympics
Akram Pahalwan, (born 1930), Pakistan, 5’10”, 220 lbs,
Was 46 years old with 23 years of pro wrestling experience at the time of the fight (1976).
A national hero in Pakistan… Was trained by The Great Gama.
retired after his damaging defeat to Inoki in 1976.
Jubel Pelwan, a newphew of Akrum

Mr. X, masked karateka Mr. X, who became famous in the movie “Squared Jungle.” 
Was originally scheduled to fight Uganda dictator Idi Amin but cancelled because of a coup d’etat in Uganda.
Mike Dayton, (October 22, 1948), 5’11”, 200 lbs, was 30 at the moment of the fight (April 1979)
Teenage Mr. America 1967; Iron Man Winner 1968; 
Kung Fu Master of Chi 1976
Bodybuilding Mr. America 1976
Was one of the 8 participants at the inaugural Worlds Strongest Man Contest in 1977
Kyokushin Karate Black Belt, 4th Dan 1979
“Martial Arts Olympics”

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