Anderson Silva broke his leg

Anderson Silva broken leg…  Freak incident…  Outch!  I feel sorry for him!

Bad news for those who bet their house and left kidney on a “100% sure” victory of the “invincible” Anderson Silva.


Chris Weidman (11-0) DOMINATED DEFEATED Anderson Silva (33-6) 1:16 into the second round.  Anderson Silva broke his right leg (shin) while landing a kick on Weidman’s leg.

It was gruesome to see… Holy fuck it must hurt!!

Chris Weidman silences the critics who claimed his first victory was a fluke.

Chris Weidman KOTFO of Anderson Silva 1:18 into the 2nd round of their July 6, 2013 UFC Middleweight Championship match at UFC 162.

Chris Weildman broke Anderson Silva’s leg 1:16 into the second round of their December 28, 2013 UFC Middleweight Championship match at UFC 168.

Don’t tell me it was an accident!  The truth is that Anderson Silva can’t survive 2 rounds against Chris Weildman.  And you must admit that Chris Weildman is the better man.

UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weildman
is the new sheriff in town.

Anderson Silva broken leg gif

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