lundi 18 novembre 2013

GSP post (Hendricks) fight excuses. A pregnant gold digger, his father have cancer...

GSP's excuses for his "lackluster" performance vs. Johny Hendricks.

1- A girl (gold digger) got pregnant from him and he didn't want the baby.  I can understand that.

2- His father have cancer.

3- He experimented memory loss during the fight.  Potential concussion syndrome.

4- It wasn't full moon.

5- His head coach had a flu.

6- He was distracted by the spectators.

7- He hadn't put on enough vaseline.

8- He was fearing that Anderson Silva might be in the arena.

Why so many excuses, George.  Your performance wasn't that bad.  And after all, you escaped with your title.  Which is the only thing that matter at the end!

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