Idō funō means unmovable
BIRTHPLACE:JapanUtsunomiya, Tochigi prefecture, Japan
HEIGHT: 6’3″ (191 cm)
WEIGHT: 439 lbs  (199.5 kg)
AGE: 26


RECORD: 556-210-82
DEBUT: Age 15
HIGHEST RANK: Yokozuna (Grand Champion) at age 22.

Lured by Money and prestige, Yokozuna Idofuno left sumo wrestling, cut his hair, shred some weight, and joined the UST-3. He said it was the hardest decision of his life.


  • Immense size and strength.
  • Unmovable.
  • Explosiveness and power.
  • Aggressivity.
  • Consistent and injury-free during his sumo career.
  • Ability to absorb punishment with his fat and thick neck.


  • Live to fight another day. Will tap-out sooner than later.
  • Lack of speed and stamina.
  • Gambling. Susceptible to throw matches for the sake of erasing gambling debts.

  • Thrusting
  • Pushing 
  • Headbutts 
  • Headbutt to the nose
  • Head ram to the midsection
  • Dropping Hip Toss
  • Throws
  • Palm strikes
  • Slaps 
  • Throat thrust
  • Falling hip toss
  • Belly-to-belly suplex
  • Forearm choke in the Mounted position
  • Bearhug
  • Palm strikes in the Mounted position

Sumo styles can broadly be broken down into two types: Oshi-sumo, or “thrusting” style, and Yotsu-sumo, or “grappling” style. The former is about brute force and pushing your opponent out of the ring; the latter is more about forcing your opponent to the ground or using their momentum against them. 
His favorite style is Oshi-sumo (thrusting).

Yokozuna Idofuno is mainly a bulldozer who prefers driving straight forward and pushing HOWEVER from time to time, depending of his opponent, he likes to change of strategy on the fly. 

  • Hookers are wrestlers who look to dig deep for an underhook and a strong hold on the opponent’s mawashi (that sumo thong). 
  • Bulldozers are those who attempt to drive straight into the opponent and push him out of the dohyo. 
  • Boxers are those who immediately open up with palm strikes to the chest and face. 
  • Stranglers are wrestlers who immediately attempt to drive the opponent back by the neck. 
  • Matadors are those who side step the tachi-ai and allow their opponent to drive past them. (source)

Exceptionally talented, Idofuno is proficient in all five categories.

GEAR: Mawashi (sumo belt)

MUSICAL THEME: “Sumo” by Jim Johnston

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