WWE Royal Rumble betting predictions & odds


(collect $28 on a $10 bet)
He is my first pick because he is Vince McMahon’s chosen one and WWE golden boy. With Cena, Rollins, Orton, and Daniel Bryan out of action suffering from injuries. And the crowd finally accepting him as the new face of WWE after months of being pushed down our throats. The timing is perfect to put Roman Reigns over.

(collect $40 on a $10 bet)
My second pick. A monster of devastation but a part-timer nonetheless. Will the WWE officials want to put the WWE championship belt around the waist of an inactive champion til WrestleMania 32? It is a possibility…

(collect $160 on a $10 bet)
The only real menace for Reigns and Lesnar. Bray Wyatt with the help of his three gigantic bearded disciples has all the tools to win the Rumble. In fact, he would be a logical choice for WWE management to make Wyatt wins since everybody seems to believe that Roman Reigns is hand-picked to win. A little surprise always make good entertainment and good rating.

With odds like that, I took no chance and gambled on all three!
I just can’t lose!

Despite having the best odds (2.15), I don’t that Triple H will win the Royal Rumble. It just wouldn’t be best for business to put himself over by winning the Royal Rumble AND the WWE title.

And please, do not make Sheamus (odds: 34.00) wins. He is too lame and boring to be world champion.

If you bo-lieve in miracle, you can bet on Bo Dallas (odds: 151.00).

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