WWE RAW June 24, 2013

Fuckin’ Saint-Jean-Baptiste!  The gym was closed so I didn’t thought it was monday and I forgot to watch Monday Night Raw*%*#!  Now my comments and review is 24 hours too late!  Since I’m really entertaining you will like it anyway.

A bad start with this piece of shit Daniel Bryan.  Damn that he looks like shit!  Extra in the hobbit?  Not sure!  NXT jobber?  Yes! Yes! Yes!  Weak link?  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  He is popular because the public can more easily identify themselves with a piece of crap like him than with a muscular hunk like Randy Orton.

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton = double disqualification.  Just a teaser, since the match will take place at the main event.  Damn that I hate him!

Sheamus & Christian defeated Team Rhodes Scholars.  I don’t give a fuck!

CM Junk is searching Bald Heyman and Brock Lesnar.  Maybe he need another ass-kicking.

Kaitlyn defeated Aksana despite the entertaining distraction of AJ Lee.  AJ was disguised as Kaitlyn, with fake muscles, a wig, and the same clothes.

Chris Jericho defeated World Champion Alberto Del Rio by intentional disqualification.  When Ricardo attacked Jericho with the bucket!!!

Backstage power struggles between Vince McMahon and Triple H.

Excuse me, Vickie Guerrero is talking…  I don’t give a fuck and apparently, the crowd too.  WWE2K14, The Rock is on the cover even if he is not on the active roster.  But The Rock is by far, the wrestler with the most media appeal.  The Rock is a megastar.  Something that Daniel Bryan and CM Junk never will be!

Ouups!  I just lost the fuckin’ streaming!!!  No!  No!  No!

You won’t need to download useless crap to watch wrestling on the net.  That’s the streaming link:  http://www.info-lutte.net/nouvelles/show.php?t=56231

So my RAW review is now 48 hours too late.  Better than nothing!

Why did JBL always got that stupid smile on his face?

Ryback applied the “Shell Shock” on the clumsy Great Khali.  Surprisingly, Khali manhandled Ryback for the entire match until getting caught in the “Shell Shock”.  Yes!  Khali is the same guy that lost to world-class jobber Heath Slater last week and Fandango weeks ago???  The weird world of wrestling!!

John Cena speech talking about the World Heavyweight Championship.  Champions holding the title for 8 consecutive years like Bruno Sammartino or 1 night as Rey Mysterio…  Some poetry from the scenarist crappist.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the number one contender spot.  Hip Hop Hippos Brodus Clay and Tensai (Why these jobbers have their own dancers?) vs 3MB aka JOB Squad 2013 vs The Usos (two Headshrinkers rip-off with no muscle tone at all).  What a load of crap!  The skinny fat Usos won!!!  That’s your number one contenders???  Tag team wrestling reached a new low…  So bad!  Oh yes!!  Thankx god!  The Shield are coming! 

Fuck!  I thought The Shield were coming to destroy the two Usos jobbers.  But no, it is just some stupid taunting between the two teams.  Trying to pretend that Usos jobbers are valuable contenders!?!

Boring Halle Berry movie promo….  zzzz

Paul Heyman with his magnificent skullet talking shit in the ring…  CM Junk talking shit…  Paul Heyman really need to cut that silly ponytail!  Paul Heyman was supposedly the only one in the WWE direction who actually believed in CM Punk in 2005-2006.  When everybody wanted to get rid of him…  Paul Heyman said he is not responsible with the last week Brock Lesnar’s assault…  Due to his track record, Paul Heyman will probably back stab CM Punk.  Just like he did to Brock Lesnar and RVD in the past to allied himself with The Big Show.  Just like he did in real life when he screwed all of his ECW wrestlers out of their money.  Paul Heyman won’t lose his back stabber reputation to become a good guy.

CM Punk bested Darren Young.  Boooooooooring!

I wanna fuck both Bella Twins.  And Stephanie McMahon too!  And anything that got a pussy too…

Money In The Bank crap announcement.  RVD return for the first time in four years.

Ryback vs Chris Jericho at Money In The Bank PPV.  Excuse me!

Interesting fact: Despite being butt-ugly, CM Punk banged some of the hottest divas in wrestling (Lita, Maria, Traci Brooks, Daffney).

“Skullet” Mark Henry deadly boring speech bragging about his actor talent….  zzzzz

Too much blablabla too much Money In The Bank promos.  It’s fuckin’ boring!  I’m tired!

Butt ugly Daniel Bryan submitted Randy Orton in a no-rules street fight.  Even worse than seeing Randy Orton tapping out to Daniel Bryan.  To see him shake Bryan’s hand after the fight instead of an RKO???

Pure B.S!  I hate those vanilla midgets Daniel Bryan and CM Junk!  But apparently, and unfortunately, they can draw money.

Was Daniel Bryan an NXT jobber?

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