WWE RAW July 8 2013 LIVE video


WWE RAW July 8, 2013 LIVE video

RAW started with another psycho rednecks Wyatt Family promo.

Then Vickie Guerrero, her stooge, and her annoying voice.  One thing for sure, Vickie is not afraid of heights.  I’m impressed with Vickie aerial aptitudes since she does most of her speech seated on top of a 20 ft ladder.

The RVD ladder matches vignette make me think about why such a magnificent athlete as Shelton Benjamin was so misused and is not in the WWE anymore???  Shelton Benjamin looked and was a thousand times better than the ugly Daniel Bryan and “the worst in the world” CM Junk.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
The Battle of the Albinos Redheads.  The tall vs. the small.  Two wrestlers that I dislike so I don’t give a flying fuck about this boredom match. zzzzzz  Bryan won with a small package pin.

1 000 000th Wyatt Family vignette.  This time showing the cameraman POV asking for the Wyatt Family dirthole location to two very ugly consanguine redneck retards.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Shield vs. Tons Of Funk
Yes sir, The Shiiiiiiield!!!!!  An excellent match between the two teams.  Sweet T and Brodus Clay weren’t there to play the jobbers / squash boys role.  Nonetheless The Shield won the match.

In search of The Wyatt Family…

WWE Champion John Cena in-ring confrontation with the “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry.  Boooriiing!!  Boooriiiing!!!  Boooriiiing!!  Please stop bother us with that fuckin’ Money In The Bank PPV.  Mark Henry, with his 3-inch elevated shoes on, manhandled John Cena with the World’s Strongest Slam.  Just to push Mark Henry as a legitimate threat to John Cena’s title and health.

Chris Jericho vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel (w/ Walrus)
Ah! ah! ah!  The annoying Walrus is wearing sunglasses to hide his battered face, courtesy of ADR last friday.  Thank you Alberto! 🙂
All good thing have an end. Curtis Axel let himself be distracted by The Miz and lose vs Chris Jericho 1-2-3.  Curtis Axel undefeated streak is over.  And evidently, the damn title wasn,t on the line.

Another RVD ladder match vignette.  Holy shit!  Rob Van Dam must be made of rubber to survive such hellacious bumps!!!

Some boring crap backstage plugging the poor’s man Money In The Bank ladder match.  A funny moment nonetheless when Wade Barrett knocked down Faaandaaaangooooo with punch to the jaw.

World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Caras
The ADR match against the pocket-size chronic loser Sin Caras is probably declared a no-contest.  Since girlie blonde Dolph Ziggler came out cryin’ about his concussion and start shit with ADR…

Vickie Guerrero Job Evaluation
An entertaining third hour beginning with the live job evaluation and firing of managing advisor Vickie Guerrero.  Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H (the modern-day Rothschilds as JBL would say) are sat at the table in the ring.  Facing Vickie and her stooge Brad Maddix.  Power struggle between Vince and Triple H continue.  Triple H pulled a good one by comparing Vince’s outdated idea of entertainment to The Golden Girls.  The public sealed the fate of Vickie Guerrero voting 75% for the fail result.  Registering a record of 300 000 votes.

Now Brad Maddix??? is the new Raw General Manager?!?  Vince McMahon gave the people what they deserve.

Is this really what Vince describe as entertaining?

Kane vs. Christian
Uninteresting match between Kane and Christian zzz.  Surprisingly, Kane chokeslammed Christian for the victory.  Then the damn Wyatt Family finally make their WWE debut after a thousand hyping vignette.  Husky Harris sends two giant hillbillies to destroy Kane.  The Wyatt Family debut got a lot of positive reviews backstage.  Speaking for myself, I see nothing fascinating in those three bearded hillbullies.

Cryback hugging Vickie backstage!?!

Diva Champion AJ Lee & Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn & Layla
with the Bella Twins at the commentators table. 
Without tagging in, Kaitlyn destroyed AJ Lee at sight, spearing her into oblivion.  The match is declared a no-contest, I think?  Big E. Langston carried the unconscious AJ Lee back to the locker room.

WWE heavily plugging the return of RVD / Rob Van Dam at Money In The Bank.

CM Punk vs Randy Orton
Except for a boring match, I didn’t know what to expect about this match who could go one way or the other.
It was indeed a boring match with rest holds between the two tattooed wrestlers.  CM Junk finally got the GTS on Orton for the 1-2-3.
Then, hairy troll Daniel Bryan came crashing the party sending both wrestlers out of the ring and climbing the top of a ladder.  The same old, tireless, shameless Money In The Bank promotion that we endured for the last three weeks.  I don’t even know if I want to watch MITB.  I just want it to be done so they won’t bother us anymore with this fuckin’ event!

Overall it was an entertaining RAW episode.  It was good!

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