WWE Raw London, England (May 19, 2014) results

WWE Monday Night Raw results

May 19, 2014
replay on demand: http://www.whsports.tv/

We are in London, England and the crowd is on fire.

The show starts with Wyatts shit and shitty song… BEURK!
Unlike me, the crowd seems to appreciate.  Damn that I’m tired of this Bray Wyatt shit.   CENA SUCKS! chants. lol
John Cena outsmarted Bray Wyatt and drops him on his ass. Thank you John Cena!

U.S. Champion Sheamus vs. Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman
Cesaro picks up the victory thanks to Paul Heyman distraction. It was a non title match.

Chris Steiner's photo.

Beat the Clock challenge for a title match vs. Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett. (beat your opponent as fast as you can)
Big E vs. Ryback
Big E defeats failed muscleman Ryback in 5:02.

Zach Simpson's photo.

R-Truth & a funkadactyls vs. Fandango w/ Layla
Summer Rae came kissing Fandango before the match. Fandango seems confused. Just like JBL says, choose both Layla & Summer Rae plus Cameron & Naomi.  No match!?!

Shane Bogardus's photo.

Stephanie McMahon making her entrance on Daniel Bryan’s music doing the Yes! sign.
She said she was thinking about stripping Daniel Bryan (recovering from a neck surgery) of his world title and giving it to Kane, boooo… Bad News Barrett, cheers (he is from England)… Batista, booooo… her husband Triple H, booooo.
But instead, she decides to let him his title but he must show up next week on Raw to “do the right thing”.

The Union Jacks / 3MB oh yeah!
Rusev vs. Heath Slater
A lot more funny… Rusev trashes 3MB before the match then destroys Heath Slater. Rusev wins.

Beat the Clock challenge for a title match vs. Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett.
Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam
RVD pins ADR in 4:15.

John Cena backstage interview about his tonight match.


Batista vs. Seth Rollins
It was supposed to be a match with nobody at ringside. However Triple H named himself guest ring announcer and Randy Orton guest time keeper. Nonetheless, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are guest commentators.
It all ended in a free for all brawl outside the ring. As usual nobody announced the result of the match. But it is Seth Rollins winning by disqualification after being punched by triple H.

Photo: This is ridiculous

Divas Champion Paige vs. Alicia Fox
Alicia Fox womanhandles and defeats Paige in a fuckin’ non title match. What a huge upset! Paige losing clean in England!!!
Alicia Fox’s crazy character is cool and…

David Bankston's photo.

Beat the Clock challenge for a title match vs. Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett.
Mark Henry vs. Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler only chance are for a quick pinfall.
I can predict it won’t be any of them breaking the Beat the Clock challenge. As I predicted neither beat the clock.
RVD wins the Beat the Clock challenge.
Hometown hero Bad News Barrett ambushes RVD hitting him with a Bull Hammer behind the head and delivers a pro England speech.

James Hands's photo.

Adam Rose the queer and his bunch of “rosebuds” in-ring interview with Renee. “Don’t be a lemon be a rosebud.”
Zeb Colter comes to challenge Adam gay Rose… Jack Swagger attacks the gay man. Adam make a superman comeback and gets rid of Swagger.

Photo: Credit: Zac Doniel
Iron Sheik knows best

John Cena w/ The Usos vs. Luke Harper w/ Wyatt Family
A lot of allusion to scorpion by the commentators team. Maybe Sting will appear at Payback as a member of the Wyatt Family?
Bray Wyatt singlehandly trashes The Usos… John Cena wins by disqualification… John Cena is destroyed by the Wyatts… The crowd cheers and sings with Bray Wyatt.

Thank you very much to London, England tonight crowd to be such an amazing wrestling audience.


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