Vince McMahon s chosen one Roman Reigns

One more proof that Vince McMahon will do anything to shove Roman Reigns down our throats…

I wasn’t surprised to learn that the very popular underdog Daniel Bryan is medically clear to compete but that the WWE Power That Be aka Vince McMahon didn’t want him back. Cause a Daniel Bryan’s return would screw up his plan to put Roman Reigns as the be all and end all face of the WWE. It seem that the entire roster is used (or not used) to put Roman Reigns over.

Roman Reigns already ex-WWE World Champion
after “enjoying” a 5 minutes 15 seconds reign.
Thank you very much to Sheamus
for cashing in his Money In The Bank opportunity.

I just red the following a moment ago on

As noted earlier, the decision to put the title on Sheamus was a last minute decision. On Monday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave details on what led to WWE’s decision.The thought process in WWE is that they have to manipulate the audience. The title change to Sheamus was not a long-standing plan and they were debating all morning and afternoon on Sunday what they were going to do with the championship.Shortly before the show, Dave Meltzer got an email about their plan to put the title on Sheamus. The final decision to put the title on Sheamus was made no more than a couple of hours before the show started.WWE doesn’t want Roman Reigns as champion only to have the people boo him so they feel that if they put the title on Sheamus then fans will hate Sheamus and when Roman wins the title then fans will cheer Reigns because they will be sick of Reigns being screwed.It remains to be seen if that will work out. At this point, they may have dug a hole so far with Reigns that he may never be seen as a guy on John Cena’s level.

That’s what we call levelling down

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  1. As a fan of this site, I just want to tell you that I wouldn't trust anything from that waste of space website known as WrestlingNews.Co! They've come up with more garbage than truth and when you confront them about it, they ban you. May that pile of trash website burn! And to you guys, keep up the good work.

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