Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer

Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer
MMA vs Boxing
The Worst Day In MMA History 

The fight took place on June 13, 2009 at Adrenaline MMA 3: Bragging Rights in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.  Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer was suppossed to be a main event boxing match but it ruled illegal by the faggot’s commission so it was turned into an MMA cage match.

MMA vs Boxing
48 years old and 48 pounds overweight former WBO Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Olympic Gold medalist Ray Mercer KO’d the 7 inches taller, 50 pounds heavier, and 15 years younger former 2-time UFC champion Tim Sylvia with one-punch in 9 seconds UNDER MMA RULES!!!  Becoming the first man to ever defeat Sylvia by knockout.

I repeat, Ray Mercer KOTF out of Tim Sylvia with a single right punch to the chin in 9 seconds in a MMA match!!

Tim Sylvia
Former 2-time UFC champion
MMA record: 24-5
310.6 lbs
Reach: 80″
Years Pro: 8
Age: 33

Ray Mercer
Former WBO World Heavyweight Boxing Champion1988 Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist
1988 United States Amateur Boxing champion
Amateur Boxing record: 64-6
Boxing record: 36-7-1 (26)
Kickboxing record: 0-2
MMA Exhibition record: 0-1 (vs. Kimbo Slice)
256.6 lbs
Years Pro: 20
Age: 48

Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer

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