Mike Burke grip strength king

Mike Burke, 6’6″, 335 pounds, blessed with huge hands, sets 3 World Records in Grip Strength contest. For the entire story go to Visegrip Viking Challenge Grip Contest http://www.ironmind.com/ironmind/opencms/Articles/2013/Jan/Mike_Burke_Crushes_All_Comers_in_LA_FitExpo_Grip_Contest.html http://www.thefitexpo.com/results/TFELA13_VisegripViking_results.pdf http://vikingstrength.com/2012/04/29/usa-strongman-mike-burke-beating-the-pain-barrier/ … Read More

Size and Strength of Arm Wrestling Champions

As you know, armwrestlers are very strong at various wrists, forearms, and biceps exercises.  And as you will see below, World Champion Arm Wrestlers also lift world class heavy weights.  ONE-ARM … Read More