Size and Strength of Arm Wrestling Champions

As you know, armwrestlers are very strong at various wrists, forearms, and biceps exercises.  And as you will see below, World Champion Arm Wrestlers also lift world class heavy weights.


John Brzenk  Typical workout:
55 lbs for 30 reps
(one arm)

Dave Patton  Personal Best:
65 lbs for 51 reps
(one arm)


Dave Patton Personal Best:
167 lb 1-arm table curl
(different than a hammer curl)

Steve Phipps Personal Best: 150 lbs for 10 reps


Steve Phipps Typical Workout: 225 lbs for 20 reps

TWO-ARM BARBELL POWER WRIST CURLS (only the top half of a regular wrist curl)

Steve Phipps Personal Best: 360 lbs for 5 reps

The 3 men mentioned above are 3 Hall Of Famers, all time greats, former Arm Wrestling Champions of the World and John Brzenk is officially recognized as the greatest armwrestler ever.  Brzenk weights 200 pounds, Patton is 165 lbs, and Phipps is a super heavyweight (243+).

John Brzenk

Look at the arm size difference. 
John Brzenk right forearm is 16 inches, his left forearm is 14 inches.
6’1″, 200 lbs, 18″ right biceps, 16″ right forearm
Greatest Armwrestler Ever!!  The Guinness Book of World Records regards him as the “Greatest Arm Wrestler of All Time”.
“The Giant Killer”
Dave Patton

5’10”, 165 lbs, 16.5″ biceps, 14.5″ forearm

35 Time World Champion (Arm Wrestling & Wrist Wrestling)
Steve Phipps

Steve Phipps 360 lbs X 5 reps power wrist curls

Arm Wrestling

11 World Championships, 5 right / 6 left
(including a rare “Double-Double” winning World Titles in Wristwrestling and Armwrestling with both arms, the same year)
31 National Championships
Yukon Jack Regional Champion
Western U.S.A. Champion
P.N.W. Champion
Numerous State Championships including
Washington, Oregon, Idaho & Hawaii 
1983 Sportsmanship of the Year
1992 Armwrestler of the Year
1997 Most Dedicated Armwrestler of the Year
  Team USA
To Russia, 95 & 96; Japan, 99; Finland, 2000; Italy 01


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