Hub-style Pinch Gripper

Hub-style Pinch Gripper
If the Captains Of Crush grippers are the ultimate test of crushing grip and if the Rolling Thunder is the ultimate test of supporting strength. Then the Hub Pinch Gripper is the ultimate test and measure of pinching strength.

The three benchmark lifts for Hub-style Pinch Gripper
average   accomplished     world-class
30 lb.             50 lb.                 80 lb. 

IronMind Hub-style Pinch Gripper
Mike Corlett setting the official American record at 64 lb.
Randall J. Strossen photo

IronMind Hub World Record

I’ve found the following answer on a bodybuilding forum: “If I were to start with a “World Record” on the IronMind Hub, I would say it was 80 pounds, total weight, calibrated, Odd Haugen, October 2, 2010, at Robert Alva’s house in San Bernardino. It was at a contest called Southern California Meltdown. There were 4 “competition lifts”. Haugen’s 4th competition lift was 75. He then did a 5th lift for 80 pounds. Multiple witnesses: Kevin Bussi, Mike Corlett, Robert Alva, and Jackie Lee. No video. It was done fingertip style, but his entire hand swallowed the top of the hub. It was an IronMind Hub acquired in 1999, not sanded or altered.

There are urban myths out there with bigger numbers, but not with the sort of witnesses and conditions described above.”


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