Visegrip Viking Challenge Grip Contest

Odd Haugen’s Visegrip Viking Challenge Grip Contest

Bow down to the new king!  Mike Burke.

Mark Felix is the former king of the grip strength world
but still the Rolling Thunder world record holder.

Presented by IronMind, Odd Haugen – oldest World’s Strongest Man competitor at 56 and grip master – conceived the ultimate grip strength challenge and bring it to the FitExp.  Grip strength specialist Mike Corlett calls the competition, “The best grip [strength] competition in history.  Let me repeat that: the best in history!”

Odd Haugen, oldest World’s Strongest Man
competitor at the age of 56 and grip master.

Odd Haugen statements: 
I do NOT like the relative lack of grip strength required in many strongman competitions today.  Grip strength is the one thing that requires hard work (and good genetics), and in my opinion is NOT affected positively by drug use/abuse.”

The events are:

Rolling ThunderMark Felix’s 323.5-lb. world record in 2012.

Double Overhand Apollon’s Axle DeadliftMike Burke 507 lbs (230 kg) and 516 lb (235 kg) besting the previous Rich Williams’s 502-lb. world record.

Pinch Grip Medley: Blobs and more.  Mike Burke loaded all six blocks in 15.02 seconds.  The second best time was Mark Felix with 32.95 seconds.  The other contestants only succeeded to load five blocks or less.

Captains of Crush Silver Bullet Hold: Crush a Captains of Crush No. 3 Gripper to hold a 19-mm. CoC Silver Bullet™ with 2.5 kg hanging from it for as long a possible.  Mike Burke broke another world record with 53.97 seconds.  Besting the Alexey “Tank” Tyukalov’s 52.49 seconds world record.

Wrist Roller Challenge: If you loved the Giant Fishing Pole last year, wait until you see/try this one as it’s a two-up race to wind in a sled with an IronMind Wicked Wrist Roller.  Mike Burke 8.41 seconds.

Thomas Inch Dumbbell Duel: Single-handedly dead lift a Thomas Inch Replica dumbbell (172lb) for as many times as possible within in a 2-minute time limit.  Thumb less or locked thumb grip not allowed.  Mike Burke 37 reps destroyed Andre Durniat 17 reps world record in the 2010 Visegrip Viking Challenge.

With his stunning performance, 6 foot 6, 335-pound strongman competitor Mike Burke is by now, the undisputed king of the grip strength world.

Mike Burke Crushes All Comers in LA FitExpo Grip Contest

2013 Visegrip Viking Challenge results

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