Mike Burke grip strength king

Mike Burke, 6’6″, 335 pounds, blessed with huge hands, sets 3 World Records in Grip Strength contest.
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Visegrip Viking Challenge Grip Contest






Some randon thoughts written on forum by diverse people:

“Considering Burkes back ground in the construction industry it’s not supprising he has a great grip (try using a hammer for a few hour with littke rest) but even then this is some impressive stuff”

“Size doesn’t quite equal strength, but the guys with the biggest forearms I seen were manual workers, construction, working on drills/jackhammers etc. Gripping, pulling, lifting relatively low loads for massive reps every single day. Not quite sure of a practical way to harness this to improve grip strength short of changing jobs though.”

“Site workers do seem to have immense grips. A lot of the groundworkers I worked with had bone crushing hands.”

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