GNC Grip Gauntlet heavy format

GNC Grip Gauntlet heavy format

GNC Grip Gaunlet host Wade Gillingham
Born March 26, 1971,   6’2″, 295lbs
Professional Strongman, Armwrestler

“The Alpha Male” Monty Brown
Born April 13, 1970,  6’2″, 265 lbs
Former NFL linebacker and TNA & WWE wrestler
By 2008, over 4 years and 10,000 attempts, only two people succeded to complete the 3 grip strength challenges of the GNC Gauntlet heavy format. Former NFL linebacker and current professional wrestler, Monty ‘Alpha Male’ Brown is one of them.

NFL linebacker Monty Brown

And the other is the host of the event and professional strongman, Wade “The Grip” Gillingham.
The GNC Pro Performance Grip Gauntlet – heavy format – is the ultimate world-class grip challenge testing the 3 main facets of grip strength: Supporting Strength (Rolling Thunder 212 lbs); Pinching Strength (50-lb Blob); Crushing Strength (Captain of Crush No. 3_285 lbs of pressure). 

Wade Gillingham
Professional Strongman
Wade Gillingham Highlights Professional Strong Man 13 Years
· 2000-2010 era and 2010-present era, Grip Hall of Fame member
· 33 professional exhibitions and appearances
· Lifting and competing at the highest levels of powerlifting, strongman, and grip competitions for 25 years
· 2010 Mighty Mitts professional grip competition on the Arnold main stage, 4th place
· 1999-2002 – 10 professional strongman contests including a 1st, 2nd, and 2-3rds
· 1997 USAPL National Powerlifting contest, 3rd place
· 1996 MN State Bench Press Champion
· The first person to ever complete the GNC Grip Gauntlet in it’s original
“heavy” format (#3 Gripper, 212lbs Rolling Thunder, 50lbs Blob)
· First person in the world to pinch grip to a full standing position 3-35 pound
plates flat side out
· First person in the world to pinch grip to a full standing position 6-10 pound
standard Olympic plates
· First person in the world to clean and press a 50 pound BLOB, toss a BLOB from hand to hand, and farmer’s walk with a BLOB in each hand and a BLOB in one hand and an Inch DB in the other.
· First person in the world to pass the BLOB around their back (current best is
18 revolutions)
· Unofficial world record in BLOB plus weight (current best is total weight of
81.5 pounds)
· Current best farmer’s walk with two inch dumbbells is 49.5 feet from the floor and 66 feet from a bench.
· Walked with the Jowett Anvil (173lbs), 17.5 feet.
· 35 time Grip Gauntlet Winner
· Deadlifted the “Sorin’s Monster” 500 pound circus barbell, double overhand.
· Current best Rolling Thunder lift of 277 pounds in competition.
· No-set closed a #3 Ironmind Gripper and Credit-Card-Set a new #3.5
Ironmind Gripper as per the current certification rules
Jackal’s Gym profile of Wade Gillingham. Wade competed in powerlifting from 1990-1997, as a professional strongman from 1998-2002, and is currently competing in professional armwrestling and grip contests. Since 2002 Wade has been doing professional appearances for General Nutrition Centers which focus on displaying his strongman talents and world class hand grip strength. Wade has appeared numerous times on live television including pulling a 25 ton, 30 passenger private jet to kick off the 2003 X-treme Strongman National Championships.

Hub-style Pinch Gripper


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