Comparing Your Forearm and Grip Strength

Comparing Your Forearm and Grip Strength
If you’re a grip fanatic like me you will surely enjoy comparing yourself to la creme de la creme of the grip strength world. 

365 lbs (165.5 kg) of pressure are required to fully close the monster… with one-hand. The average guy has a grip strength of 112 pounds. The No. 4 Captains of Crush Gripper was invented as a joke, an impossible feat. It was and still is. Since only 5 people on earth have closed the monster gripper to date.
Official list of those certified as closing the No. 4 Captains of Crush Gripper

Joe Kinney

Nathan Holle
David Morton

Tommy Heslep
Magnus Samuelsson
Interesting fact: 4 out of the 5 Captain of Crush No. 4 tamers are pure grip specialists and 3 of them are below 200 pounds.

Adriane Blewitt: ONLY woman to ever close the Captains of Crush No. 2 Gripper (195 lbs of pressure to close)

Rolling Thunder

Men’s World Record
May 5, 2012                      Mark Felix                           323.5 lb.
January 18, 2008              Mark Felix                           301 lb.
August 2006                      Laine Snook                       274.2 lb.
June 2003                         Andrus Murumets               267 lb.
June 2003                         Magnus Samuelsson          262 lb.
June 2001                         Jan Bartl                              258.5 lb.*(left handed)
May 2000                          Jan Bartl                              265.4 lb.
Women’s World Record
September 22, 2012         Ludmila Gaiduchenko           169.84 lb.
May 26, 2012                   Jaana Tanner                        152.35 lb.
January 28, 2012             Jaana Tanner                        146.85 lb.
April 7, 2007                     Elizabeth Horne                     144.12 lb.
July, 2002                         Becca Swanson                     135 lb.


Here are the three benchmarks lifts for the Rolling Thunder.
average    accomplished    world-class
 125 lb.          185 lb.                 250 lb.

Bottom line: When you can pull at least 250 lbs or so on the Rolling Thunder you’ve got a world-class grip.

Only three men have ever officially closed the No. 3 Captains of Crush® Gripper, or beyond, plus held the world record in the Rolling Thunder®: Andrus Murumets, Laine Snook and Magnus Samuelsson.  Mark Felix said he is unable to close CoC grippers No. 3 because his hands are too big (11 inches reach from thumb pinky).

Interesting fact:  Unlike the Captain of Crush, there is no pure grip specialist among the Rolling Thunder Hall Of Fame.  All the Rolling Thunder recordmen are high-level 300-pound strongman competitors.  And the ladies are all strongest woman competitors.

Consider closing at least the No. 3 Captains of Crush® Gripper and lifting at least 250 pounds on the Rolling Thunder® as defining the threshold for truly world-class grip strength.


As you know, armwrestlers are very strong at various wrists, forearms, and biceps exercises.  And as you will see below, World Champion Arm Wrestlers also lift world class heavy weights.


John Brzenk  Typical workout:
55 lbs for 30 reps
(one arm)

Dave Patton  Personal Best:
65 lbs for 51 reps
(one arm)


Dave Patton Personal Best:
167 lb 1-arm table curl
(different than a hammer curl)

Steve Phipps Personal Best: 150 lbs for 10 reps


Steve Phipps Typical Workout: 225 lbs for 20 reps


Steve Phipps Personal Best: 360 lbs for 5 reps

The 3 men mentioned above are 3 Hall Of Famers, all time greats, former Arm Wrestling Champions of the World and John Brzenk is officially recognized as the greatest armwrestler ever.  Brzenk weights 200 pounds, Patton is 165 lbs, and Phipps is a super heavyweight (243+).


Wow!  I still got a lot of work to do.  Big numbers = Big challenge!  This will keep me busy in the gym and at home. 

Don’t despair.  On more than 7 billions people the gentlemen (and ladies) mentionned above are the world elite, la creme de la creme of grip strength.  And they got the numbers to show it!  They are the people you should look up to.

Aim for the moon and maybe you will catch a star.


Rolling Thunder World Records

Size and Strength of Arm Wrestling Champions 

Hub-style Pinch Gripper


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