Rolling Thunder World Records

Mark Felix  Rolling Thunder 301 lbs   2008
Rolling Thunder World Records:  World’s Strongest Man competitor Mark Felix is the undisputed King of the Rolling Thunder.  On the IronMind pic below, Mark Felix squashed his previous 2008 301 lbs World Record with a 323 lbs Rolling Thunder lift in 2012.  By the way, in 2008, Mark Felix became the first man to break the 300-pound barrier in the Rolling Thunder.


Men’s Current World Record
May 5, 2012 Mark Felix 323.5 lb. (146.75 kg)
Men’s Past World Records
January 18, 2008 Mark Felix 301 lb.
August 2006 Laine Snook 274.2 lb.
June 2003 Andrus Murumets 267 lb.
June 2003 Magnus Samuelsson 262 lb.
June 2001 Jan Bartl 258.5 lb.*
May 2000 Jan Bartl 265.4 lb.
* left handed
Women’s Current World Record
September 22, 2012 Ludmila Gaiduchenko 77.2 kg
Women’s Past World Record
May 26, 2012
January 28, 2012
April 7, 2007
Jaana Tanner
Jaana Tanner
Elizabeth Horne
69.25 kg
66.75 kg
65.51 kg

2002 (July)              Becca Swanson         135 lb

Here are the three benchmarks lifts for the Rolling Thunder.
           average       accomplished       world-class
             125 lb.               185 lb.                  250 lb.
Rolling Thunder extraordinaire Mark Felix, 6’4″, 294 lbs
11 inches hand reach from thumb to pinky tips.

Hub-style Pinch Gripper

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