Rosa Mendes bare ass wardrobe malfunction

Rosa Mendes (Milena Roucka) Canadian born Latina American, 5’9″, 131 pounds of muscle, age 34.
Rosa Mendes is currently a WWE diva newly added to the cast of women pro wrestling reality show ‘Total Divas’.
Now thanks to Layla to show us the perfect ass of Mrs Roucka. 

Rosa Mendes Wardrobe Malfunction On Main Event
Rosa Mendes, the newest cast member of Total Divas, is the latest Diva to suffer a wardrobe malfunction.
The incident took place on Wednesday’s episode of Main Event on the WWE Network. In a match that featured Summer Rae and Layla vs. Rosa and Natalya, Mendes was attempting to get back into the ring. Layla wasn’t going to let that happen easily and grabbed Rosa by the shorts, exposing her to the WWE Universe.
To make matters worse, Layla pinned Rosa to win the match after a swift kick to the head.

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