Roman Reigns bloody broken nose sea of blood

Roman Reigns bloody busted open and seemingly battered to death by Triple H on WWE Raw, February 22, 2016, the night after Fastlane.

Triple H Roman Reigns

Triple H attempted murder

Corporate heel Triple H attempting to kill what is supposed to be “our” superhero babyface Roman Reigns draw a huge crowd reaction of cheering “YES!” and “THIS IS AWESOME!” chants from the bloodthirsty anti-Roman Reigns audience.

Look at 0:20, Byron Saxton giving a fake blood capsule to Roman Reigns. 

I am not specially enamored with Roman Reigns but I was happy to learn that this bloodbath wasn’t for real. This was really gross, shocking and so unusual! 

As for the crowd, they are so tired of having years of Roman Reigns pushed down our throat that they wanted some more of Roman’s blood. Triple H would have smashed his brain out of his head with a sledgehammer that the crowd would still cheer for him.

WWE Corporate should understand that WE DON’T WANT ROMAN REIGNS! STOP PUSHING HIM DOWN OUR THROAT!! And look elsewhere for your next John Cena.

We, us, the WWE Universe is sick of it!

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