PYGOD strongman

Always getting bigger and stronger is one of my main goal.  It’s never enough…

I’m still growing!  It’s just a beginning…

Genetics and Steroids:  Screw that!

I don’t care about genetis and steroids…  I don’t care about negatives people…  But I do care about will, dedication, ambition, determination, self-confidence, and free-thinking!  Love what you do and be dedicated to it!

When you really love something, there is no hard work and no sacrifices.  Because you are passionnate in what you are doing!  Because you believe in what you are doing!  And because you love it more than anything else in life!!

Nothing can’t change that…  Not a bone structure in the world can change that…  Not a drug in the world can change that…  And no one else can change that!..

You love it and you believe in it!  That’s all you need!!

Passion, determination, and dedication.

These three words are extremely meaningful!  There are your best allies in the world, in anything you want to accomplish!!

So in my view, steroids and genetics are extremely overated !

As you can see on the left side of the picture above, I wasn’t “genetically” gifted for strength training.  I was a 24 years old, 159 pounds, small-boned man with a very fast metabolism.  It was maybe a bad start in strength training!?!  Fuck that!  It was a good start because I was, and still is, extremely ambitious and 110% dedicated to strength training.

Strength training, like any others activities, is not about genetics or steroids…  No, it’s about determination and dedication!  Yes, if you want something real bad, sooner or later you will achieve what you want!  All you need is to believe in it, loving it, and be 110% dedicated to it!!  Nothing is impossible as long as you believe in it!

I don’t give a damn about stupid people saying:  You will never weight 200 pounds, you’re too small-boned…  You will never be a millionaire…  You can’t compete at a higher level without taking steroids…  You can’t be a pro strength athletes…  You can’t do this…  You can’t do that…  Fuck those silly mediocre losers who screwed their own lifes with their lack of ambition and dedication and want you to do the same…  I hate those mediocre losers!!  Nobody tell mewhat to do or what to think.  I follow my own path!  With my own rules!!I refuse to be born for a small bread…  I refuse to not doing what I wanna do just because damn losers tell me that’s impossible…  I refuse to conform to the mediocrity of the majority…  I refuse to be a 9-yo-5 automate…  I refuse to do what I hate…  I refuse to listen to losers who want me to conform to their own mediocrity…  I know who I am! I know what I wanna do!!  And I know where I go!!!

So live yours dreams instead of dreaming your life!  You will be happier that way!!  You only live once.  So, set no limits and do what you love and what you want!!!

When you stop to believe, you begind to DIE.

Always believe in yourself !

And be careful what you wish for…

Déjouer la nature sans stéroides
Oui, c’est possible!
Peu importe que vous soyez mince, que vous vous croyez trop vieux, que vous croyez être fragile etc…  Finit les excuses!  Il n’y a plus aucune excuse qui tiennent!!  Avec le livre: CHEATING NATURE WITHOUT STEROIDS
tout devient possible, j’en suis la preuve vivante!

D’un chico de 159 livres à 24 ans, je suis maintenant un Homme Fort de 315 livres à 31 ans.  Après 7 ans d’entrainement naturel, j’ai accumulé près de 160 livres de muscle!!  Cà a été possible pour moi, alors c’est possible pour vous!!!

Avec mon livre: CHEATING NATURE WITHOUT STEROIDS vous serez vous aussi en mesure de vous construire un physique au-delà de vos espérances et de décuplé votre force!!

Vous aussi vous le pouvez!

Commandez-dès maintenant!!Au: 

           The Evolution

            AVANT                                                APRÈS
          De 159 livres à 300 livres…


 Avec mon père.  A 159 livres, à l’aube de mes 24 ans.  Quelques jours avant de commencer mon entrainement en force. 



  Strongman contests
 À 300 livres, avec les marches du fermier (250 lbs par main.)
 Au début de ma deuxième saison d’Hommes Forts, à 270 livres.
Avec le log de 268 livres.  Levé avec succès!
 Photo officielle de la deuxième saison d’Hommes Forts.  270 livres

Originally published around 2006-2007 via my PYGOD.COM website.

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