Punch Out intergalactic failure

Punch Out failed sequel Mike Tyson’s Intergalactic Power Punch rebaptized Power Punch II after Tyson’s legal troubles.

Here it is with all the storylines details.

Mark “Tough Guy” Tyler is the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world, with an Olympic gold medal and a 33-0 (30 KO) record to his claim. After knocking out another opponent with ease, Tyler and his manager taunt the world by saying that no one can stop him. However, the broadcast is picked up far from Earth in the outer reaches of the universe by an alien boxing promoter for the Intergalactic Boxing Federation (IGBF). The promoter decides to accept Tyler’s challenge that he can beat “anyone”. Thus Tyler is brought into the throes of the universe to compete against the best boxers in the universe and defend his earthly title.

   June 12, 1992, Iron Mike was 26 years old, 41-1 and in jail.



Power Punch II's history dates back to early 1991. Mike Tyson and Don King had
agreed on a sequel to the classic Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!. By June 1991 the
sequel was set for a release in 1992. The game then called Mike Tyson's
Intergalactic Power Punch, was supposed to have Tyson taking on aliens and
other creatures, since humans could not touch him (what about Douglas?). But
of course, 1991 would prove to be a terrible year for Mike Tyson. Just as he
was preparing for his upcoming fight with the undisputed heavyweight champion
Evander Holyfield, controversy arose. He had been accused of raping a Miss
Black America beauty contestant. Tyson continued training despite the powerful
accusation placed upon him. It looked as though he would get the chance to
regain "his" belts, however a rib injury forced him to miss the fight. Soon
afterwards, Mike was sentenced to three years in prison for rape in 1992.

Nintendo's dream of a second Tyson game was tarnished. James "Buster" Douglas
had been the cause of Mike Tyson being replaced by Mr. Dream in Punch-Out!!.
Now however, it was a rape conviction that cancelled the release of Mike
Tyson's Intergalactic Power Punch. Never a company to back down from making
money however, Nintendo decided to keep the game alive by calling it Power
Punch II. A few changes would have to be implemented into the game. Instead
of controlling "Iron" Mike Tyson, a new fighter called Mark "Tough Guy" Tyler
took his place. Tyson's facial features had to be toned down slightly, thus
Nintendo removed Tyson's trademark shaved line in his hair. His menace was
also taken away, in order to make Tyler seem more humble to fellow gamers. Of
course the major change was the switch in Tyson's boxing trunks colour.
Instead of black, Tyler wears pink (again to give him more of a friendly
image). Finally, Tyson's promoter Don King had his lightning bolted hair
removed completely.

Without Mike Tyson in the title, gamers rarely picked up this game and
Nintendo had failed miserably. Power Punch II absolutely bombed as a sequel
to one of the greatest games ever made. Tyson fans like me still tried it
out though and played it for no other reason than to control Tyson in pink.


Mark "Tough Guy" Tyler is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in
the year 2006. He is viewed as the best ever (step aside Tyson). He has won
the gold medal at the Olympics and has dominated the division with a
spectacular 33-0 record with 30 wins coming by way of knock out. After his
ninth successful title defense, Tyler arrogantly makes a bold statement that
will change his life as he knows it. "Tough Guy" states that he can beat
"anyone, anywhere, anytime". Such a profound statement has not been heard of
since Mike Tyson said the same and was then tamed by James "Buster" Douglas in
his tenth defense of the title. Tyler's promoter Don King (who finally lost
his electric hair after getting struck by lightning on one fateful night, how
ironic), backs up his fighter in saying that absolutely no one on the face of
the earth stands a chance against his man.

Meanwhile, an alien Don King reading these quotes in a Ring magazine article,
has a sudden idea. He sees the confidence in Tyler and wants to give him a
worthy challenge for once. Alien Don invites Mark to join the IGBF, the
Intergalactic Boxing Federation which comprises of super alien, mutant and
cyborg boxers. Mark and Don agree on the deal and are ready to prove that
Tyler is in fact the best fighter in the entire Universe. Will Tyler succeed
in becoming "the baddest man in the Universe"?. Only you can help him reach
his ultimate goal and seal his status as the greatest of all time.




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