Prince Henry Winston British Royalty into the UST-3

Prince Henry Winston British Royalty into the UST-3

TITLE OF NOBILITY: His Royal Highness The Prince of the United Kingdom. He is the eldest child and heir apparent to the British throne. 

BIRTHPLACE:London, England, United Kingdom
RESIDENCE:London, England, United Kingdom
HEIGHT: 6’5″ (196 cm)
WEIGHT: 207 lbs (94 kg)
AGE: 25
REACH: 80″ (6’8″)
BODY FAT: 4-5%

CHEST: 51″ (130 cm)
BICEPS: 15″ (38 cm)
WAIST: 32″ (81 cm)

RESTING HEART RATE: 40 beats per minutes – 70 for an average person
VO2 MAX: 59.4 ml/kg/min – 35–40 ml/kg/min for an average man
BENCH PRESS: 375 lbs
FOOD CONSUMPTION: 6,500 calories per day

OCCUPATION: Prince of the United Kingdom, Royal Air Force flight lieutenant, Combatant

  • Initiated to fighting at the age of 5 by his father, King of England.
  • Started training as a Combatant at the age of 7.
  • Was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) at the age of 9. Channelled his supply of energy in fighting.
  • Under the supervision of his father, King of England, Prince Henry Winston had his first real no-hold-barred war at the age of 10 which left him with a battle scar on his left cheek.
  • Fighting is all his life. And the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour is the ultimate test.

YEARS OF SERVICE: Full-time since the age of 20.
RANK: Flight Lieutenant

ETHNICITY: Caucasian
HERITAGE: European Royal
RELIGION: Church of England
LANGUAGES: Queen’s English, French, Russian
NET WORTH: Around $40 Million


  • Instructor (Martial arts expert with over 30 years of experience).
  • Squire (A relative 14 years old boy apprentice Combatant)
  • Engineer/Armorer: Doc (The man who designed his suit).
  • Medical Specialist: Dr. 
  • Butler 
  • Four security staff (top-notch security team of trained experts)
  • Adviser: Sir (former British diplomat)
  • Private secretary
  • Press secretary
  • Foreign affairs adviser
  • Photographer
  • Luggage and logistics folk
9 members and a total of 15.

Black & red.
The incredibly light yet protective material, made mostly of Kevlar and carbon fiber, also has 52 embedded sensors that measure the impact of each hit.List of Protective Gear/Clothing
Head gear
Shin Guards
Arm Guards
Groin Guard
Trunk Protector
Wraps (Material wrapped around the hand that provides added protection and support)


  • Head. Was KO’d only once briefly.
  • Left cheek: Needing several stitches after being repeatedly kicked in the face when he had his first real match at the age of 10. A match that he won, leaving him with a visible scar.
  • Face: Cuts, bruises and black eyes.
  • Throat: Lost his voice for 10 days after being hit in the throat.
  • Internal organs: Collapsed with severe dehydration following a war in Florida and was put on a saline drip
  • Right wrist: Long-term and nagging injurie to his right wrist.
  • Hands: Fractured both hands last year.

As you can judge by his extensive injuries list, the Prince isn’t afraid to get fully involved in his favorite sport.

MOTTO: “Victory comes from within”

MUSIC THEME: We Will Rock You – Queen

  • Not pompous as you might think. He is classy, friendly, charming and generous.
  • He is not only on the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour™, he is on a diplomatic tour.
  • He will give his entire salary, purses and prize to charity. His war’s purses will be given to local charity of the hosting city.
  • His participation in UST3 is a god-gift to SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. The Royal Family and the UST both benefit from their alliance.

UST-3 (Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour™, 3rd formula)

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