Popeye & Bluto height, weight, forearm size

Popeye, the sailor man, had forearms that measured a massive 20 inches in circumference.

Popeye’s large forearms were developed by high-rep rope pulling aboard ship.

5’6″, 156 lbs
20 inch forearms
34 years old

First apparition: 1929
Place of birth: In a typhoon of the coast of Santa Monica, California, USA

his nemesis Bluto is 6’8″, 372 lbs

Popeye in the real world: I’ve done this post because, as a grip fanatic, I’m sick and tired to see synthol biceps only jackasses getting compare to Popeye the Sailor Man. Popeye is all about useful FOREARMS strength and size not ballooned 30-inch biceps!??!

Moustafa Ismail. Not worthy of being called the real-life Popeye

At 5’6″, 156 lbs, Popeye is about the same size as superhuman French Canadian strongman Victor Delamarre
At 143 pounds with his right forearm 33% larger than his left, Matthias Schlitte is probably the closest thing to a real-life Popeye.

Matthias Schlitte, a victim of masturbation?

Who can be the real-life Bluto?

There is 2 versions of Bluto. 

The Brutus version who is a brainless fat boy… 

6’7″, 375 chubby pounds Snoop Dog’s bodyguard and former WWE mid-card jobber Brodus Clay (George Murdoch) perfectly fit the bill to be the real-life jobber version of Bluto / Brutus.

This Brodus Clay AKA Brutus is so damn huge in a suit. Snoop Dog is safe with Brodus at his side.

I’ve almost forgot former WWF wrestler Tugboat (6’3″, 384 lbs) can equal Bluto / Brutus in term of waist line, look and stupidity.

However I will stay with my first choice Brodus for his bully demeanor.

And the totally awesome Bluto who is the strongest man in the world, Mr. Muskel Beach, and the original ‘Muscle Bear’.

Geoff Capes (6’5.5″, 360 lbs) not a particularly lean man but an all-around strength athlete extraordinaire and 2-time World’s Strongest Man winner (1983 and 1985).

GEOFF CAPES just like the manly version of Bluto, was the strongest man of the planet in 1983 and 1985.

Writing this post gave some motivation to grow my fuckin’ forearms bigger than Popeye himself.

Aim for the moon and land among the stars!

But… Wait a minute… Who care about being a spinach-fueled midget sailor with giant forearms?? I wanna be the World’s Strongest Man and the best built-man on earth just like Bluto! 

Even if he always gets his ass kicked by Popeye…


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