NXT Arrival on WWE Network

The first ever LIVE program diffused on WWE Network

Thursday, February. 28, 2014:

NXT Arrival on WWE Network (7:30pm ET /
12:30am UK)
Watch the replay on demand 

Fuckin’ good intro by COO Triple H himself.

Sammy Zayne vs. Cesaro
Cesaro defeats fellow Quebecer Sammy Zayne in a classic 25 minutes match. Both competitors embraces after the match. Sammy Zayne AKA El Generico is an impressive competitor.

CJ Parker vs Mojo Rawley
Mojo wins.

Emma promo

NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension vs. Too Cool (jobbers from the Attitude Era)
I just hope this two old faggots will get squashed!!! A boring somewhat one-sided victory for the not-so-impressive poor man’s Road Warriors wannabe The Ascension.  They both sucks!

Goth goddess Paige promo

NXT Women Champion Paige vs. Emma
Stephanie McMahon pre-match blah blah blah… Paige wins a very long, too long match.

Adrian Neville promo. I’m impress! Adrian Neville is a daredevil super high-flyer with gymnast flexibility and a bodybuilder physique.

Xavier Woods (BEURK!) vs. plastic-faced Tyler Breeze
Thanks god superheavyweight shooter Alexander Russev (accompagnied by his super hot leggy blonde) cames to destroy these two underweight jobbers. Thank you for the awesome destruction and thanks for preventing a boring, skip forward, cruiserweight jobbers match.

Bo Dallas promo. Looking good, charisma, long hair, youth, goofy arrogant heel gimmick, son of IRS and brother of Bray Wyatt.

Ladder match: NXT Champion Bo Dallas (6’1″, 230 lbs, age 23) vs Adrian Neville (5’10”, 194 lbs, age 27)
HBK pre-match speech under the audience cheering.  Plugging his Mr. WrestleMania DVD.
Fuckin’ slow paced match, I thought it would be a 5 stars match?!!?
Skip this shit forward… Adrian Neville wins. I’m proud that he wins. He was clearly the better man.

MY VERDICT: Uninteresting. Not worth watching.

Even worse than TNA Wrestling.


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