Jerry Allen, Saturday Morning Jobber

Jerry Allen (1963-1995)

Real Name: Jerry Arotsky
Aliases: The Invader (AL) ; Jerry Oski (Memphis); Jerry Allen (San Antonio 1984 – 88); (MX 1 Calgary) Jerry O / Jerry Allen (WWF)
Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 242 pounds
Born: 1963
Wrestling Debut: 1983 (around 20 years old)
Died: December 1995 of a heart attack, aged 32.

Steroids Usage: Dave Meltzer reported in January 1996 “Arotsky’s name is all over the Zahorian fed-ex lists and if this is true, that makes three known Zahorian “patients” that passed away in 1995 alone, Eddie Gilbert and John Studd being the other two.

Greatest Matches: 
+ World Wrestling Federation. July 9, 1987: Jerry Allen pinned Rick Rude with a sunset flip in Rick Rude’s WWF debut match.

Enhancement talent Jerry Allen holds a pinfall victory over ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude in the WWF back in 1987.

+ May 7, 1995 when he won the old Southern (now USWA) title in the Memphis circuit from Randy Savage.

Childhood Wrestling Memories:

I remembers first seeing Jerry Allen a Saturday morning on TV in Lutte International.  He was teamed with a pure jobber against the muscleman Steve Strong (one of my favorite at the time) and The Great Samu (The Headshrinkers in the WWF with Fatu aka Rikishi).  The short period of time Jerry Allen was in the ring.  He was giving trouble to Steve Strong.  Even the TV commentator was impressed by this “6’4″, 250 pounds new comer”.  But Jerry Allen sealed the dismissal of his team by tagging with his scrub tag team partner.

Then, around the same time, I’ve witnessed Jerry Allen and another jobber getting mercilessly squashed by Don Muraco and “Cow Boy” Bob Orton (Randy’s father).  A pure one-sided squash match with Jerry Allen giving no offense at all and getting beat up like a rag doll. 

I remember talking with one of the kid at the schoolyard about how Jerry Allen shown a lot of potential manhandling the 290-pound Steve Strong in Lutte International nonetheless getting beat up on a weekly basis in the WWF???  We were really confused about the situation.

At the time, I nicknamed Jerry Allen “Le Plus Fort Des Faibles” which translates as “The Strongest Of The Weaks”.  Strong because he was solidly built but weak because he was still a pure jobber getting his ass kicked every week.


One of the typical WWF Jerry Allen scrub match: Demolition vs Outback Jack & Jerry Allen – 3:36

9 thoughts on “Jerry Allen, Saturday Morning Jobber

  1. Thanks for the info as it almost seemed impossible get some infomation about this great wrrestler. How sad to learn he left us so young.

  2. I worked with Jerry in the early 90's after his wrestling days, what a great guy. Was sad to hear of his passing.

  3. He was a very good Jobber all things considered. I think he was going too team up with Dan Spivey and reformed the U.S express in the late 1980’s. Then again, I could be wrong.

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