Herb Dean early stoppage again and again and again...

I can’t believe this jackass is billed as “MMA’s favorite ref”???

Take a look at the following from his wikipedia page.

UFC president Dana White, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, articles covering MMA in ESPN.com, Foxsports.com, Bleacher Report, SB Nation (mmamania.com), Fightland and other publications have called Dean the best referee in MMA.


I can’t believe it!??!

I can’t believe Herb Dean is still refereeing fights???

I can’t believe he wasn’t banned for life??!!??

He is one of the reason why I don’t watch MMA anymore.


Too much fuckin’ random TKO.

Herb Dean robbed so many fighters of a fair chance to comeback and win or to lose cleanly and decisively.

MMA Fighters and Boxers SHOULD only be defeated by KO, verbal Submission or Tap-Out.

What Herb Dean must be thinking before a fight
“I can’t hold my pee no more. I need to stop the match as soon as possible.”
Herb Dean wants to stop the match before its even started
Herb Dean wants to stop the match before its even started

Once again feeling the urge to go home, Herb Dean is asking himself: Why not stopping the fight before it actually start?!? Then take my Money and go home!”

Herb Dean stops everything he can
Herb Dean even stops forum threads on the web.

Instead Herb Dean should stop the snow to fall.
Just like he always do with fighters.

My Question:

Why fixing a fight when you have a referee who can stop it at anytime?

Herb Dean should be fired on the spot by the UFC.
Herb Dean should be blackballed out of MMA once and for all.

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