Guido Douchebag

Guido Douchebag
What the fuck about douchebag and guido on a strength sport / combat sports website?  My answer:  Guido Douchebag perfectly fit on the Strength Fighter blog since Douchebagism is a subculture that revolves around the gym.  Real douchebags and guidos take their training really seriously.  Since they are all about the look.  Gym training is a huge part of any serious douchebag’s life.  Just as clubbing and chasing chicks.
There is nothing wrong with weight training, being tan, smelling good, being clean and groomed, and screwing as many chicks as you can.
So being a douchebag is kind of cool!  In fact, douchebags have more fun since they got all the hot chicks!!

It’s true!  It’s true!!  It’s damn true!!!
Douchebag have more fun.

The Jersey Shore Boyz > Guido Douchebag icons

Too ugly to be a douchebag.
The guy just not get it!

TNA wrestler Robbie E. sports the ultimate guido/douchebag hairstyle.
Even better than Pauly D.

Vanilla Ice styla la la lyle is not too bad for a haircut!

Billionaire Hair are a lot worse.
Just take a look at Gene Simmons and Donald Trump.

Douchebagism evaluation chart


How to Be a Douchebag

This guy know how to handle things.

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