Dusty Wolfe / Dale Wolfe

Dusty Wolfe aka Dale Wolfe have it all.  He was pale, fat, ugly, pudgy and couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag.  Absolutely blank, zero charisma, zero personnality.  Nothing!  Just good enough for a good laugh!
Dusty Dale Wolfe was not only jobbing in the WWF, he was also a regular loser on WCW tv shows.
Dusty Wolfe / Dale Wolfe
5’11”, 233 lbs
Born July 18, 1962
Pro Debut July 4, 1982
In 1987, Dusty Wolfe worked part time in the World Wrestling FederationEarly 1989: Dusty Wolfe became a full time employee of the WWF, until 1991 when he was let go… Dusty Wolfe worked part time for WCW from 1995 until late 1998. 

Here below, Dusty Dale Wolfe is losing to fellow pure jobber Omar Atlas.  It’s very weird to watch this match and see those guys having some kind of offense. 

Omar Atlas vs Dusty Wolfe by TSteck160

See all the jobbing dexterity of Dale Wolfe while he is getting destroyed by Sid Justice / Sid Vicious / Sycho Sid. 

Sid Justice vs Dale Wolfe by TSteck160

No, he only raised his hands during the pre-match presentation. 
 Dusty Dale Wolfe wrote a book. 
Appropriately named ‘Journal of a Journeyman’
Don’t be fooled by his in-ring performances.
His books is actually really interesting.

Interesting Dusty Wolfe interview links:

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