CZW’s Most Ultraviolent Moments of 2012! Brutal Deathmatch

Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) is an independent wrestling promotion. In 1999, John Zandig and five of his students, Ric Blade, T.C.K, Lobo, Nick Gage, and Justice Pain (along with sub-trainer Jon Dahmer) began to run professional wrestling shows in New Jersey and Delaware, showcasing a brand of hardcore wrestling dubbed as “ultraviolence”. Ladders, tables, thumbtacks, barbed wire, light tubes and fire are common elements of “ultraviolent” wrestling matches in CZW. The company filled a niche for hardcore wrestling fans that had been left open by the folding of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). CZW established themselves as the leading American hardcore wrestling promotion at the ECW Arena with their Cage of Death 3 show in 2001, the year ECW folded. 

Their homegrown roster helped establish what became a top independent promotion in later years. Although they are most commonly known for their ‘ultraviolent’ style, their shows feature almost every other styles of wrestling as well. Just about any card will feature high flying, comedy, strong style, chain and technical wrestling. Their annual Tournament of Death show emphasizes the ultraviolent style of CZW, While their annual Best of the Best emphasizes on the technical and aerial style. All of their shows are taped and distributed by Pancoast Productions, Inc., who releases the shows on DVD and Pay-Per-Stream via their website. CZW was broadcast on TWC Fight! to viewers in the UK and Republic of Ireland as part of the “Bloodbath” program until TWC Fight! closed in 2008. CZW continues to run on a monthly basis in The Arena, and they also run shows outside of Philadelphia.

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