CM Punk leaves WWE

CM Punk, the self-proclaimed “best in the world” walked off the job on Monday. Punk told Vince McMahon at the Jan. 27 Raw event that he was going home, and he
has since been removed from future shows, including the Jan. 28 SmackDown

Is this all part of an angle, like he once done in the past, or is it for real this time?

Maybe CM Punk is legitimately tired of all the backstage politics?

My opinion is that it is all part of an angle. Just like the Daniel Bryan case.

If the CM Punk and Daniel Bryan stuff are angle. It is real good stuff because it sound so fuckin’ real!  Punk and Bryan are not only the most popular wrestlers in WWE, but they are the most popular wrestlers in the world! I don’t think the WWE Authority are fool enough to not capitalize on these two money-makers.  

I don’t think the WWE is so anti-vanilla midgets that it was reported to be.  Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio were all World Champions. And CM Punk was the longuest reigning modern-day WWE Champion with a 434 days reign. As good business people, the McMahons have all interest to pampers CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.  No matters your size, as long as you put butts in the seats. The WWE Authority will love you!

These two are held-down and puts in meaningless mid-card feuds instead of wrestling in the main event. Yes it is fuckin’ weird! These aren’t drugs and steroids users, backstage troublemakers, and injury-prone (Randy Orton is all three).  CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are the most “over” superstars here in the WWE. The WWE Universe just can’t get enough of them. So logically, these anti-CM Punk and Daniel Bryan conspiracy is just an excellent masterfully played and elaborate wrestling angle.

Love it or not! CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are the future of pro wrestling.

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