You Only Need 4 Exercices to Become the Biggest and the Strongest Humanly Possible

Written by PYGOD on August 6, 2007

One day, in the early 1900, German superstrongman Herman
Goerner stated that there is three tests of strength.

  • How much you can lift off the ground
  • How much you can put over your head
  • How much weight you can walk with

Let me introduce you to the four best exercices of all-times,
to the four real tests of strength. Squat, deadlift, clean-and-jerk, and
farmer’s walk. The real deal. The Four of a Kind.

When people asks me what I’ve done to become so freaky big and strong. I told’em an unusual boring response. Train once a week on the four big exercices, then rest and eat like a pig. Not really a conventionnal answer in this world of long, useless 5-day-a- week training routine, cable machines, supplements, and protein powders.
But I didn’t invent anything, the kind of training program that I preach was here long before I was born. That was the kind of training preconized by the old-timers, the pionners of the Iron Game like J.C. Hise, Peary Rader and all the greats of the past…
Let’s put the Four of a Kind in order of importance ( hard to tell because the four are almost equal).


Let it go with the first, the POWER FULL SQUAT

Mike Miller

Probably the most important exercise of all. Done properly and regularly, squats will boost your entire body gain in strength and muscle. The heavy motion movement of squat works the thighs, gluteus, lower back, hips, and to a lower level; calves, chest, shoulders, upper back, and trapezius. Even more than this, squat produces huge benefits for the heart and the lungs. Squat by himself, stimulates the entire metabolism and triggers out terrific growth from head to toes.  If you choose to excel and concentrate on just one exercice: choose squat.  This exercice is that damn good!!

The close second, the almighty DEADLIFT.

Andy Bolton

One of the most classic and elemental test of strength. True strength comes from the hips, the thighs, and the lower back. So deadlift seems to be the perfect event to demonstrate pure strength.
Deadlift works the hips, thighs, lower back, upper back, trapezius hands, and forearms. It’s work the entire body and just like squat. Heavy deadlift triggers growth stimulation throughout the entire body. 

One of the most essential test of strength, the CLEAN AND JERK

Hossein Rezazadeh

What you can lift from the ground to arms’ length overhead? A classic test of human’s strength. And the best way to press top weight overhead. As the three others, the clean and jerk works the entire body and will develop extraordinary coordination, speed and explosive power.  Clean and jerk is a lot about technique and momentum. But once you control it, the world is up to you!

One of the most tough and complete exercice ever invented by the devious human mind: the FARMER’S WALK.

Mariusz Pudzianowski

Not only works the grip but the entire body. Lower back, upper back, trapezius, ankles, knees, legs, forearms, and hands are all part of the action in the farmer’s walk. And by the way, it’s really good for the body coordination. So, in my view, this is the best exercice you can do for your grip and it is a fixture in strongman competitions. So if you want to compete someday. You’re better to do it as soon as possible.  If you can’t practice farmer’s walk at your gym, do dumbbells hold instead.  Dumbbells hold will be very good for your grip and will strengthen your will power and concentration.

That’s it for the Four of a Kind.  But stay tune for the next articles, there will be certainly more on this and on other topics on the fantastic strength sport. 

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Stay tune for more!

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