Andy Haman fake 600 lbs Bench Press

Andy Haman 600 lb bench press


there are some slight hints that this is fake:

1) he seems to be lifting it with ease. If that was a legit 600lbs i highly doubt he would put cream on his gob before doing it.
2) He’s a bodybuilder. If he was a powerlifter then i’d say fair enough. I imagine only a fair few bodybuilders can even max out at that weight (coleman, branch etc.). He doesn’t even seem close to the size of these guys in the bracket either. To do 4 without even appearing to break a sweat screams fake to me.
3) If i was doing such a high weight, i wouldn’t be using some skinny kid to spot me (no matter how much knowledge he posseses).
4) perfect form and no extra assistance in the lift. When i say assistance i mean those specialised shirts that enable the user to bench more (not sure what they are called). When heavier weights are used and powerlifters max, they tend to use a lot of equipment in assisting in the lift. This guy doesn’t even have a shirt on when lifting.

insight from boroboy on forum

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