ALPHA the Man-Eater

ALPHA the Man-Eater

Alpha The Man-Eater
The Kodiak Bear / The Man-eater Bear / Top Alpha Predator

HYPED AS: “Stronger than The Big Thing, bigger than Daikaiju.”
“The World’s Most Terrifying Living Creature!”
The Absolute Dominant Apex Predator
“An undefeated force of nature, a creature so dominant that no human could ever dream of bringing down.”
Godless Killing Machine
BIRTHPLACE: Kodiak Island, Alaska, United States
TYPE: Kodiak Bear aka Alaskan Grizzly Bear and Alaska Brown Bear (Ursus arctos middendorffi)
HEIGHT: 9’6″ (290 cm)  4’11” (150 cm) on all four legs  
WEIGHT: 1,500 lbs (680 kg)
AGE: 6
SEX: Male
OCCUPATION: Combatant / Actor
DIET: Salmon and blueberries

TRAINER: Dr. (a mountain man, wrestle-boxer and animal trainer) and his wife. Another one. A veterinarian.

He is muzzled and declawed. His supposed aggression and violence were emphazied in the UST publicity. His trainer has to blow a whistle for him to stop attacking.

STYLE: Boxing & Greco-Roman Wrestling
He was and is trained in the fighting game by professional animal handlers. Furthermore, bears are natural fighters. There is no doubt that Alpha the Man-Eater is a serious threat for any man or woman in the world.

MOVESET: Bear hug, full nelson, flying mare, collar-and-elbow tie up, leg sweep, snap mare, flying tackle, monkey flip.


  • Super size and strength (9 feet 6 inches tall when standing upright, 1500 pounds)
  • Thicker bones (including the skull), so it can absorb the force of blows to the head.
  • Punching power. According to an old science magazine, “a mature grizzly bear can break the neck of a goose with the swipe of his iron-muscled paw.” A kodiak is even bigger than a grizzly.
  • Weight and girth. Can squash a human by dropping on him.


  • Lack of skills.

Why a fighting bear in the UST?

When they fight amongst themselves, bears have a standup game that, well, bears a resemblance to both boxing-style striking and wrestling pummelling. They’re basically the mixed martial artists of the unwarranted interspecies combat world. (source)

Bear wrestling spread to Europe in the mid-nineteenth century as “a byproduct of a flurry of interest in Greco-Roman wrestling” (Gipe). “In order to score a fall, a wrestler had to throw his opponent so that his two shoulders touched the floor simultaneously. Neither tripping nor any holds below the hips were allowed; as a result, the bouts tended to be tediously long. But if Greco-Roman was not exactly ideal for men, the style seemed made to order for bears” (Gipe). (source)

A species that had been genetically disposed to kick ass at brutal hand-to-hand combat. (source)

The bear’s preferred combat style of straight up mauling everyone. (source)

THEME SONG: Another One Bite The Dust (Queen)

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