2016 WWE Wrestlers Salaries (Revealed)

2016 WWE Wrestlers Salaries (Revealed)

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WWE is one of the biggest sports entertainment Industry now days . There are millions of fans that were following the wwe super stars on social platform . Vince McMahon the owner of (WWE) and one of the largest wrestling promoter world-wide created history with the some of the best matches on Raw , Smack Down and main events like (Wrestlemania). But how much money does a wrestling super star earn . There are couple of big name athletes who belong to different sports made debut in the World Wrestling Entertainment due to good base salary and annual earnings from the contract.
Here you will see the list of wrestlers and their annual earnings from the Wrestling . How did this list created , as you know that wrestlers get paid for the each week performance with (Raw) and (Smack Down) . But these earnings gets double when they were selected for the main-payper view event . Some wrestlers get more earnings on the base of their franchise sale that include (John Cena , Randy Orton , The Rock , Brock Lesnar and Roman Regins). Mostly salaries taken from top wrestling sources . All wrestlers will not get PPV earnings only wrestlers that made headline for the main event matches get paid money .
WWE Wrestlers Salaries & PPV Earnings (2016-17 Updated)

 Wrestlers   Current Status Base Salary PPV Earnings (2015-16)
Adam Rose Active $300,000 N/A
AJ Styles Active $650,000 $150,000
Alberto Del Rio Active $900,000 $250,000
Alex Riley Active $250,000 N/A
Big E Active $350,000 N/A
Big Show Active $1 Million $320,000
Bo Dallas Active $250,000 N/A
Braun Strowman Active $400,000 $30,000
Bray Wyatt Active $750,000 $100,000
Brock Lesnar Active $2.5 Million $1 Million
Bubba Ray Dudley Active $400,000 $50,000 (Tag Team Title Matches)
Cesaro Active $400,000 N/A
Chris Jericho Active $850,000 $190,000
Curtis Axel Active $420,000 $30,000
D-Von Dudley Active $400,000 $50,000 (Tag Team Title Matches)
Damien Sandow In-Active $300,000 N/A
Darren Young Active $300,000 N/A
Diego Active $200,000 N/A
Dean Ambrose Active $500,000 $100,000
Dolph Ziggler Active $750,000 $250,000
El Torito Active $90,000 N/A
Erick Rowan Active $400,000 $30,000
Fandango Active $280,000 N/A
Fernando Active $280,000 N/A
Goldust Active $350,000 $40,000
Heath Slater Active $450,000 $100,000
Hornswoggle Active $60,000 N/A
Jack Swagger Active $650,000 $50,000
Jey Uso Active $320,000 $20,000
Jimmy Uso Active $320,000 $20,000
John Cena IN-active $5 Million $3.2 Million
Kalisto Active $550,000 $90,000
Kane Active $1 Million $550,000
Kevin Owens Active $400,000 N/A
Wade Barrett Active $525,000 $200,000
Kofi Kingston Active $400,000 $100,000
Konnor Active $250,000 N/A
Luke Harper Active $500,000 $30,000
Mark Henry Active $800,000 $50,000
The Miz Active $1 Million $220,000
Neville Active $200,000 N/A
R-Truth Active $380,000 $20,000
Randy Orton Active $2 Million $1 Million
The Rock Limited Appearances $2.5 Million $2 Million
Roman Reigns Active $1 Million $500,000
Rusev Active $520,000 $100,000
Ryback Active $425,000 $40,000
Seth Rollins Active $700,000 $320,000
Shane McMahon Minority owner $1.5 Million –
Sheamus Active $1 Million $120,000
Sin Cara Active $440,000 $30,000
Stardust Active $400,000 $30,000
Sting Limited  Appearances Qatar beIN
Titus O’Neil Active $350,000 N/A
Triple H Active $3 Million $2.5 Million
Tyler Breeze Active $200,000 N/A
Tyson Kidd Active $350,000 $30,000
The Undertaker Limited Appearances $1.5 Million $1 Million
Viktor Active $200,000 N/A
Xavier Woods 21:00 PM (GMT+5) $200,000 N/A
Zack Ryder 21:00 PM (GMT+5) $320,000 N/A
There are some wrestlers who get a good bonus earnings from the matches and title fights they performed in Main PPV events such as (Royal Rumble , Hell In a Cell , Summer Slam , King of the Ring , Wrestlemania , Fastlane , and others) . Some wrestlers wont get a single penny from the (Main event) if they loss their matches . John Cena in 2015 last year made $10 million which include his merchandise sale profit , PPV revenue share , and annual base salary on the base of his contract with WWE .
The Rock also made couple of appearances last year , at the end of Royal Rumble he made appearances to save his (Cousin) Roman Regins from (Kane and Big Show) . Undertaker made limited appearances but still among the most earning Wrestlers of WWE on base of his huge fan following and his classic rivalry with (Brock Lesnar) . John Cena , Lesnar , Orton  were among the most earning wrestlers from PPV’s events last year .
WWE Divas Salaries & PPV Earnings (2016-17 Updated)

 Divas  Current Status Base Salary PPV Earnings (2015-16)
Nikki Bella Active $330,000 $40,000
Alicia Fox Active $280,000 $20,000
Brie Bella Active $300,000 $20,000
Cameroon Active $160,000 N/A
Sasha Banks Active $180,000 N/A
Charlotte  Active $250,000 $20,000
Natalya Active $310,000 $40,000
Emma Active $200,000 N/A
Becky Lynch Active $250,000 $10,000
Paige Active $300,000 $30,000
Rosa Mendes Active $200,000 $20,000
Stephanie McMahon Chief Brand Officer (WWE) $2 Million N/A
Summer Rae Active $120,000 N/A
Tamina Active $180,000 $10,000
Lana (Manager of Rusev) $70,000 N/A
WWE Divas mostly made headlines through their rivalries . WWE divas get more fame after the success of (Mikie James , Lita and Trish Stratus) during the year 2000 to 2006. Divas get more chances of earning specially when it comes to summer photo-shoots , endorsement of products and now they were getting cast in the Hollywood movies. Not all divas paid revenue share on from the PPV’s fight only those get earning who were facing each for the women title. WWE divas earnings were increased after (Total Divas) inclusion where they reveal about their personal life experiences .

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