mardi 25 septembre 2012

ROH Blood Shower

ROH Blood Shower

The Age of the Fall makes an impact that no one will ever forget

On Sep. 15, 2007 the debuting Age of the Fall consisting of Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black, Necro Butcher, and Lacey made what was called "the most horrifying angle that anyone could envision". This came after the Briscoes retained their tag titles after a ladder match. AOTF jumped them and proceeded to hang Jay Briscoe by his feet over the ring. While Jay was losing an ungodly amount of blood, Jacobs was cutting a promo with Jay's blood coming down on to him like a "blood shower". As a result, ROH made a written apology on their website and said they would not be showing it on their 3rd PPV. This reminds me of the same reaction CZW got when they hung Zandig with meat hooks and when ECW had the crucifixtion of Sandman. 

Jay Briscoe hang by his feet over the ring, losing liters of blood on Jimmy Jacobs cutting a promo.
Jimmy Jacobs after being showered by Jay Briscoes blood.

Sick Nick Mondo tribute

Sick Nick Mondo vs John Zandig deadly bump / fall

CZW Ultraviolent Entertainment

CZW: Nick “Sick” Mondo vs Ian Rotten light tubes match
BJW Blood & Death History Highlight Video

- Pro Wrestling Facts

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