Brad Pitt in Fight Club

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club

Probably the ideal man physique to make all the chicks wet.  Everybody talk about how Brad Pitt was lean and muscular in Fight Club (1999).  But actually, Brad Pitt was at one of his lightest weight ever in his adult life.  Brad Pitt weighed around 153-160 lbs at 6′ with 5-8% body fat, sporting around 14 inch arms at 35 years old.  Pretty skinny sort of speak! 

Brad Pitt’s body in Fight Club was voted the most sought after body by men in Mens Health Magazine

Tyler Durden

Brad Pitt’s body as Tyler Durden in Fight Club is often seen as the ultimate ideal man physique.

6 ft. tall, 155 lbs, 8% body fat, 14 inch arms

His stats are not that impressives.  Any skinny ectomorph can have the same without ever stepping a foot in the gym.
But when your name is Brad Pitt, you’re an aesthetic god and you makes all the women wet.

But as Brad Pitt’s Fight Club’s physique can attest.  Being lean and cut can make you look bigger than you actually are.

“Brad Pitt in Fight Club is the reference for 300,” says Mark Twight, who trained the cast for 300. “Everyone thought he was huge, but he was, like, 155 pounds. If you strip away fat and get guys to 3, 4 percent body fat, they look huge without necessarily being huge.” source

Brad Pitt in Snatch (2000)

In Snatch (2000), his body fat was up to approximately 8%.

Brad Pitt in Troy at 40 years old

At 40, Brad Pitt was a solid 185 lbs with around 12% body fat in Troy (2004).  His usual bodyweight being 170 lbs.

Brad Pitt was 153 lbs in Fight Club to 185 lbs in Troy. 
While he was untrained and just plain skinny in his first breakthrough role in Thelma & Louise (1991)

In his first breakthrought film Thelma & Louise in 1991, Brad Pitt was just plain skinny and lean.  Brad Pitt is a natural ectomorph and hardgainer, in other words he have a small-bones constitution and got an hard time gaining muscle as well as fat. 

In real-life, Brad Pitt is far from being a gym enthusiast.  He doesn’t like to train and got several unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking beer, and eating chips and junkfood.  He workouts and diets just when needed for a movie role. 

The only focus here is to lose fat and get super lean.
Just as Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “Great abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.”
Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout
Brad Pitt Abs- How To Get Abs Like Brad Pitt From Fight Club

Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout – How to Get Ripped Like Brad Pitt

Monday – Chest
3 – 25 push ups
3 – nautilus press 45,55,65
3 – nautilus incline press 55,65,70
3 – pec deck machine 40,45,50

Tuesday – Back
3 – 5 pull ups
3 – seated rows 75,80,85
3 – lat pull downs 85,90,95
3 – t bar rows 50,55,60

Wednesday – Shoulders
3 – arnold press 35,35,35
3 – laterals 15,15,15
3 – front raises 10,10,10

Thursday – Biceps & Triceps
3 – nautilus curl machine 20,25,30
3 – ez curls cable 30,35,40
3 – hammer curls 15,20,25
3 – push downs 50,55,60

Treadmill 45 minutes 65-75% MHR

Sat/Sun off

Reps Range From 20-30 reps on all exercises

brad pitt fight club

Looks less like a bitch here!

Brad Pitt off-season
“Cut that fuckin’ beard off and go to the gym.”

Brad Pitt Snatch fight scenes

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16 thoughts on “Brad Pitt in Fight Club

  1. thats nice someone finally says the truth in real life this skinny Junkie would get assraped day and night i know such skinny goofheads and in realyty they dont get any Girl for they are weak twsinks but tv in the states makes some Thing possible but not in europe where i come from by

  2. Yes indeed. Identical douchebags laughing socks like him are all over Facebook and nobody give a damn about them. The only difference here is that he is Brad Pitt, rich & famous.

    You wanna laugh even loudly. You must see my post on David Beckham The guy have absolutely no muscle whatsoever but still make all the chicks wet and his "physique" or lack of physique make the envy of most men???

  3. hy pygod i will take a look i know meekhead beckham from England a working class Boy hyped by media theres a pic where this Little dodo tries to kick a ball in front of i think chinese or so and fell on his back really funny media tried to make readcliff a sexsymbol too but he himself said he would get kicked in the ass in School nevertheless first time a Girl gets in Trouble she wished she had a real guy and not a weak Metro next to her and exept in media in real life noone gives a dime for real life is like School everybody likes the strong guy for this is Evolution you must be able to protect the ones you love and a good Girl says this strong guy is all mine a weak Girl says i wanna weak man for i am afraid he will hurt me and after some time she says thats all? thats life? now i wanna bad Boy but then shes often too old and too washed up and disapointed so look out for the right Partner and never get impressed by media for media is buiseness only.bye bye

  4. "Any skinny ectomorph can have the same without ever stepping a foot in the gym", can you make the same guide for home workout?

  5. you gusy are such tools. holy crap. my eyes bleed from reading your shitty comments. im ashamed to be a body builder, when i read shit like that

  6. to the last one with the bleeding eyes i think you mean ass not eyes dont be ashamed being gay is no crime just take more cream next time

  7. I don't weigh much more than 170 pounds, a natural ectomorph, and a keen runner. But also an award winning kick-boxer, former British Soldier, and level 5 krav maga practitioner, my point, just because some one doesn't weigh 300+ pounds and can comfortably walk to the local shops and back again without getting out of breath doesn't necessary make them a weakling.

  8. omg please more no brain comments how it is worth to have huge muscle to look like anabolic hulk ….have you seen never back down? ryan was just ripped not muscular and he kicked everybody s ass …. it s the same in real life… you don t have to be huge to be strong at fights

  9. to the soldier and to Husky besides nice Name you dont have weight classes for nothing ist not about fat muscleguys ist about fighters yust trie your luck against guy like brock or fedor or any american Football Player in a barroom or any place if your small you loose imagine tank or severn going after you with lets say 260 Pound trained muscles and your 170 or so you will loose thats the fact i know that small People alwas discuss that gracie and so on can beat a bigger guy b u t 1st you are not gracie and 2nd where are they in mma today nowwhere cause People know what they are going to do and Counter them even thy say f.e.machado that a bigger guy who knows how to fight will win so if they say it you can belife it bye

  10. hy me one more time i hav a second opinion real fighting is something different if you are willing to do whatever it takes to win f.e. tear somebodys throuht out bite his face off ec. if youre really trained than if youre ca. as big as you height is f.e. 180 cm 80 kg trained you will win cause Stamina and Determination is a key.

  11. Bigger guys are usually bigger and slower targets, as for Tyler durden he has bigger than average arms and is very lean which is ideal for any fighting style.. Just saying haha those of you thinking you can take a guy like that who is a skilled fighter would end up sorry.

  12. Analyzing it only muscle wise, Pitt's body is very attractive and is almost ideal, but in raw therms he lose to names like Lanzoni and Evans.

    His physique is attractive but not that impressive. People give it too much attention due to him being rich and famous.

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