mardi 12 février 2013

David Beckham: ideal man body?

Is David Beckham really is the ideal man 's physique?
I don't think so!
All women seems to wet their pants for David Beckham. In fact, he is a good-looking guy with a lot of style and MONEY. And most of all, he is a charismatic world wide soccer mega-star. But his physique is far from being ideal. Thousands and thousands of guys around the world are a lot more muscular and even leaner than he is.        
David Beckham is billed as The Perfect Man by many women who are literally obsessed by him.
Here he is posing shirtless in underwear on the new H&M campaign. 
  David Beckham
  • Squad No: 23
  • Position: Midfielder
  • Age: 37
  • Birth Date: May 2, 1975
  • Birth Place: Leytonstone, London
  • Height: 5'11" (1.80m)
  • Weight: 158 lbs (71.8 kg)

  • Source:

    David Beckham is also billed as being 6ft tall and 170lbs.
    Who's right? 

    In my view, just another Brad Pitt case.  If it wasn't David Beckham, the multimillionaire soccer megastar and that instead it would be a no-name facebook bastard with the same "muscle" or absence of muscle and the same tattoos.  He would be just another scrawny faggot not even worthy to remove his shirt in public. 

    Scrawny "Adonis" body covered with tattoos, ever-changing hairstyle...
    David Beckham without money.

    158 pounds for 5 feet 11 inches is damn skinny. Probably the same shape as any of your local homeless squeezy-boy crust punk on the main street. Only with better tattoos. The best way to get Beckham shape is to starving yourself. Don't waste any time in the gym. ANYBODY will have abs at 158 pounds.

    David Beckham: bag of bones or sex-symbol?
    You decide.

    It's not hard to find better than Beckham.
    Just this random douchebag found on google is 100 X better-built than David Beckham.

    Jersey Shore Workout

    For a couple of dollars, you too could look like, smell and act like David Beckham.

    5 commentaires:

    1. hy if it wouldnt be media this guy would just be a dull weak not styled working guy making 800 a month on cleaning toilets in his first fight he would get raped not beaten raped i like such guys you find them 12 a dime you can do what you want with them i usually molest them sexually thats realy funny give it a try by tehe way im 177 cm 250 Pounds trained in mma like severn or tank with far more Stamina only Thing i look like pit sorry for that

    2. Even the squeegee kid looks better than him.

    3. Yeah, but David Beckham actually made something of himself. Maybe he's skinny, but he's athletic, rich and doesn't waste his time making articles bitching about guys who get more girls than them. Spend more time making something of yourself and less bitching about people who actually did.

    4. to the last anonyme ist not about doing something of oneself it s about someone with a bad physique where media and only media gives a Hype to you just didnt get the Point saying someone with a bad Body is able to make Money well of course and to become famous of course thats not the Topic not the Point ist that media wants the public to think of such a gay a guy to be the best there is was and will be and thats not the case about being a bitch you know what you are talking about Little trooper no?


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