Rich Piana Workout


* Trains for pump and muscle tear. 
* Do not care about the weight. 
* Trains everyday. 

* Trains Arms 3 times a week. 
* Trains Shoulders 3 times a week. 
* Trains Chest 2 times a week. 
* Trains Back 2 times a week. 
* Trains Legs 1 time every 2 to 3 weeks. 
* Trains Calves 1 time a week.

* Stretching between sets and after every workout.  He said it’s help muscle growth.
* His Cardio is MMA. 

* Every single workout is different.  
* Trains his muscles more often with lighter higher reps cause it’s really make them grow. 
* His goal is to tear his muscle and get as sore as possible.


* All his tattoos were made to accentuate his muscularity. 
* Wearing tight shirt make you look bigger.


By the way, Rich Piana is a straight shooter, a complete athlete and a highly successful individual.  Rich Piana is someone to look up to.

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7 thoughts on “Rich Piana Workout

  1. Great dude hope I get the chance to meet him some day and pick his brain about different workouts and diets and ect. Man is a genus and to whom ever talk shit about him supposedly doing roids is a idiot and no absolutely nothing about weight training and bodybuilding because you would know it takes just as much work if not more to get results like that and so what if he has or does it doesn't effect you in no way shape or form what he does or doesn't put in his body keep doing what your doing Rich fuck the haters you a beast brother

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